塔克: 美国有线电视新闻网暂停顶级主播克里斯库默

塔克·卡尔森, 福克斯新闻频道主持人: 晚上好,欢迎来到TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT.

小暖房的大变化, 今晚的有线电视新闻很少. CNN’s top-rated anchor, Chris Cuomo has been pulled off the air likely for good. We’ll probably never see him on camera again.

For us here at FOX, it feels like the end of something. Like most Americans, we never actually watched the Chris Cuomo show assuming that was its name, but over the years, we saw his clips and they transfixed us.

Very often as a public service, but also because honestly we could not help ourselves, we brought them to you. 怎么样, we wondered, did a man who could barely speak English wind up with a paying job on television? Was this some kind of weird affirmative action program for the illiterate? We never figured it out, but it was remarkable to see it.

Sentence after badly mangled sentence, a bouillabaisse of incomprehensible grammar. You couldn’t understand any of it. It was a kind of performance art. A communicator wholly unable to communicate.

And then there was the weightlifting. There is nothing wrong with lifting weights or keeping in shape obviously, but there was always something very wrong with the videos that Chris Cuomo had shot of himself and then put on the internet. Imagine wanting other people to see this.


克里斯·科莫, CNN主播: 抱歉, I’ve been really busy, but I am working out and let’s be honest, you don’t get to look like that by nothing. 好的.

Let’s get a little pre-show pump.

身份不明的女性: What does that say?

C. CUOMO: “CUOMO PRIME TIME” #Let’sGetAfterIt.Hundred pounds, you know to kind of just work it out, a little bit light stuff.

News time.

We’re also using that Fred Flintstone dumbbell.

C. CUOMO: This is multitasking for a real man.


卡尔森: Oh his poor staff, so yes, we did make fun of Chris Cuomo quite a bit on this show, in fact pretty relentlessly for the past five years. Chris Como was a buffoon. He was also in the way that buffoons tend to be, incredibly self-righteous and false.

Here he is for example pretending to emerge from self-imposed quarantine in his basement after recovering from COVID.


C. CUOMO: We had a huge day today in Casa Cuomo. Take a look at this.

好的, here it is, the official re-entry from the basement cleared by C.D.C., a little sweaty, just worked out. It happens. This is what I’ve been dreaming of literally for weeks.

This is the dream, just to be back up here doing normal things.


卡尔森: Oh his poor family. He pulled them into it.

We learned later the whole thing was fake. Chris Cuomo hadn’t quarantined. 事实上, he’d been out and about wandering around Long Island without a mask yelling at anyone who questioned him.

现在, no one else at the time in the media seemed bothered at all by this, but it struck us as a big deal It was too phony. But his bosses didn’t care.

Before you knew it, Chris Cuomo was back on television barking at you for yes, not wearing a mask.


C. CUOMO: Put on the damn mask. If you’re in California, if you’re in Riverside, wear the mask. If you want to avoid situations like this where you live, wear the mask.

If we care about doing the right things, I wear a mask for you as much as I wear it for me. I had the disease.

You need to wear a damn mask.

DON LEMON, CNN主播: 正确的.

C. CUOMO: And you have to take care of other people in your community and it’s got to be about us because the help is not going to come from above.


卡尔森: Said the guy who screamed at someone else for pointing out that he was not wearing a mask. Now at the time that seemed pretty unforgivable to us, in fact watching the tape, it still does seem unforgivable. But once again, Chris Cuomo’s bosses weren’t bothered at all.

At CNN, there is no penalty for falseness. The only thing you can’t do at CNN, the thing that they will never tolerate is displeasing the people in charge. That means not simply Jeff Zucker who runs the company, but the billionaires who run our country.

If you cross them, you’re done.

So this morning when we saw “大西洋组织” Magazine we knew it was curtains for Chris Cuomo. “大西洋组织” is owned by Steve Jobs’s widow. It functions as a kind of modern social register, a place for the ruling class to talk to itself.

和 “大西洋组织” decided that it was deeply displeased Chris Cuomo had dared to help his brother, the former Governor of New York when he was accused of sexual harassment. Chris Cuomo must go, “大西洋组织,” declared and then we knew he would, we knew it was over.

In the world that Jeff Zucker lives in, “大西洋组织” makes the rules. Cuomo was done, and that’s when, for the first time ever and very unexpectedly, we started to feel sorry for Chris Cuomo. Helping his brother is not the worst thing Chris Cuomo ever did. 事实上, it may have been the best thing he ever did. Not because Andrew Cuomo was a good person, he certainly wasn’t a good person. Andrew Cuomo was loathsome.

But Andrew Cuomo was Chris Cuomo’s brother and that’s what you do with brothers, even the loathsome ones. You help them when they need it. 时期. It’s called loyalty.

At CNN, as with the rest of the media, this is an alien concept. Is there a single person at CNN or any other left-wing network who would risk his job to help his own brother? 没有. Above all these people are careerists, ruthless careerists. They would betray anyone to get ahead.

If Jeff Zucker told this guy to denounce his own wife on television, do you think he’d hesitate before doing it? 当然, he wouldn’t, not for a second.

So when we tell you that the media are corrupt, we don’t just mean they are corrupt politically. It is much deeper than that. They don’t acknowledge the most important rules in life. Your first obligation is to your family. Your first obligation is not to the state, it’s not to a political party, it’s not to Jeff Zucker or some creepy billionairess at “大西洋组织” Magazine, it’s not even to your own career.

Your most basic obligation is to the people you are related to. When they need your help, no matter who they are, even if they’re the governor of a state, even if they are horrible people, you help them anyway because it’s your family.

Chris Cuomo may be an idiot and he is, but he understands that. What a thing to be fired for.

Jason Whitlock is the host ofFearless.We’re happy to have him join us tonight.

杰森·惠特洛克, I cannot believe opening this show with you offering a kind of defense maybe not of Chris Cuomo himself, who I do not like, but of his priorities. When you are called upon to help your brother, no matter what he’s accused of, you help because he is your brother. Am I missing something?

JASON WHITLOCK, 主持人, “FEARLESS WITH JASON WHITLOCK”: 塔克, you’re not missing anything at all, but I’ve got a completely different take on this in terms of what the overall lesson here is for both Cuomo brothers.

They are the wrong complexion and they are heterosexual for the time that they’re living in and they’re finding out, you can’t be woke enough. And the Cuomo brothers have tried to play the woke game, but they’re in the same crosshairs as every other heterosexual man in this country.

所以, given an opportunity to move on from Governor Cuomo and replace him with someone else, the State of New York did that. Given an opportunity to replace Chris Cuomo now under — 你懂, because he is defending his brother and he somehow has run afoul of the #MeToo movement, of feminists, and just the whole in my view the alphabet mafia, he doesn’t fit the right profile and so they’re going to replace him with someone who does fit the profile.

This whole diversity inclusion and equity D-I-E — 的 — and the people in the crosshairs are men, heterosexual men, white men are in the crosshairs, but all menblack, white, 任何 — are in the crosshairs and if they can take you out of a prominent spot like Chris Cuomo who is relatively prominent at CNN, you’ll get taken out when the opportunity arises and when they have your successor in place. And I believe that’s what’s going on with Chris Cuomo.

卡尔森: I think I know what you’re saying and I think a lot of people watching can feel that you’re on to something because it doesn’t make sense on the merits.

看, I felt it was a very big deal when Chris Cuomo yelled at the country for not wearing a mask when he wasn’t wearing a mask, but how foolish in retrospect to think that mere hypocrisy would be enough to get someone in trouble in a place where hypocrisy is the currency, that they deal in every single day. So of course that had no effect whatsoever.

The actual crimes as in the case of his brother went completely ignored and unpunished, so maybe there is no other explanation than the one you just offered up.

WHITLOCK: 好, what you’re talking about and what your whole intro was about, Chris Cuomo is a phony person. He has been living a lie to keep, maintain, and keep his job. He is playing the role of an emasculated man, but you’re alsowhat you’re basically saying is like, this is a typical American meathead. That’s who Chris Cuomo is.

卡尔森: 没有, it’s right. 那就对了.

WHITLOCK: And those type guys no longer have standing in the woke world, they’re in the crosshairs, and I believe I’m in the crosshairs, you’re in the crosshairs.

If you’re at the wrong company with the wrong leadership, you will get taken out because you don’t fit thewhat I call the alphabet mafia — 黑人的命也是命, BLM; the LGBTQ, and CRT, 批判种族理论. If you’re not on that alphabet mafia team, you’re vulnerable. Chris Cuomo has just found out. He has played a woke role for two or three years and made a bunch of money.

但随着时间的推移, because he just doesn’t fit the profile, he is getting removed and he is getting embarrassed and shamed out of his position, same as his brother.

卡尔森: 杰森·惠特洛克, one of the few people who will always tell the truth in public, 在 2021, I appreciate it. Thank you for coming on tonight and saying that.


卡尔森: 再来一次, it’s not a defense of Chris Cuomo or his awful loathsome brother, but when your brother is in trouble, you help your brother. 时期. Because that’s who you’re loyal to. 时期.

So what happens to CNN without Chris Cuomo?

Well here is exclusive footage this show has just obtained of the Dwarf King and his minions including Don Lemon putting Chris Cuomo in a shallow grave. Again these images are just into our news department.

当然, no one is going to be hit harder by today’s news than Cuomo’s best on-air friend, 唐柠檬, we’ll probably never see moments like this again on national television.


LEMON: People have been asking me, what are you going to give Chris for Valentine’s Day? And so here it is, 克里斯. I have a card for you

C. CUOMO: 哦.

LEMON: And there you go.

C. CUOMO: It’s beautiful.

LEMON: I knew you would think it was beautiful because you’re surrounded.

C. CUOMO: You didn’t want to put your face in here. 为什么? It wouldn’t fit?

LEMON: Because that would be like me loving myself. That’s what you’re about.

C. CUOMO: 首先, can we just, for the sake of Valentine’s Day, can we stop this projection of where I am the one who is so into myself.


卡尔森: Looking at moments like that, you no longer really feel that sorry for Chris Cuomo assuming he can get a job or he has saved enough to live, at least he won’t have to do that again.

Vince Coglianese is a radio host in the City of Washington. We’re always happy to have him join us tonight. 文斯, what do you make of this?

VINCE COGLIANESE, RADIO SHOW HOST: 好, boy, I’ll tell you. I think I figured out why Chris Cuomo lifts so much, it is because he was the only guy carrying that network’s ratings, as small as those ratings were.

卡尔森: Good point.

COGLIANESE: The reality is Chris Cuomo was the only draw that that network has had. 我的意思是, think about this. CNN once had a legendary status as being the type of place where you could turn to for news. That’s gone. That’s been gone for many years now.

The last big star on the network was Larry King. They tried making Anderson Cooper the face of the network, they gave him multiple hours during prime time, that didn’t work, so in 2018, they turned to their morning guy, Chris Cuomo and they said, please do something, and he was the best that they could come up with.

As Jason Whitlock said, the typical American meathead was about the only thing that was actually getting an audience and that’s why when you just played, that Don Lemon clip, that was happening every night. The reason that was happening is because Don Lemon can’t get ratings on his own. They had to have 15 minute handoffs with Chris Cuomo just to get people to tune in to something else on the network.

This is going to be a big problem for CNN going forward.

卡尔森: That’s such a good point. 我的意思是, admittedly being the highest rated anchor on CNN really is being like the best caterer in Uzbekistan. I mean it’s a relative measure, but I mean he was number one and they fired the number one guy because “大西洋组织” Magazine told them to.

What does that tell you? Isn’t this supposed to be a business? I mean isn’t — 对 — you think of this as a business where you know the outcome is measurable. The guy with the highest ratings, but it didn’t matter.

COGLIANESE: 是, exactly and what happens now is that, this is kind ofit’s kind of a good tell for like what our ruling class is interested in. Like the elites are very insular. They don’t actually care what the average audience member is interested in. They don’t care that the way you probably have watched CNN through the last few years has been you accidentally bumped into it in an airport. It’s not about that.

It’s about what are their friends at “纽约时报” 认为. 第二 “纽约时报” 和 “大西洋组织” turned against Chris Cuomo, Chris Cuomo was thrown off the ship. 这是 — it’s athese are people who do not care about the average American, they care more about the people they’re going to encounter at lunch probably at a place that I can’t afford.

卡尔森: Imagine working for a company in which your boss cares what “大西洋组织” Magazine thinks. I mean that’sit’s beyond. Imagine knowing someone who cares what “大西洋组织” Magazine thinks or who reads “纽约时报” and takes it seriously. Find new friends.

COGLIANESE: Speaking of something you only bump into it at an airport. 是, 谢谢.

卡尔森: 是, it’s totally right. Vince Coglianese, great to see you tonight. 谢谢.

COGLIANESE: Nice to see you, 塔克.

卡尔森: So the world is very different today, thanks to something called omicron. It’s a terrifying new variant of COVID. How dangerous is it? We all have the facts, straight ahead.


卡尔森: By now, you’ve probably heard of the terrifying new coronavirus variant that has left the continent of Africa a smoldering husk of human misery. Experts are calling it the omicron variant. Omicron being a Greek term that apparently means history ending apocalypse. Even in Africa, a part of the world sadly familiar with suffering, omicron is like nothing the authorities have ever seen.

考虑博茨瓦纳这个国家, a landlocked country in Southern Africa about the size of France. Yesterday officials there reported that two people may possibly have died from the omicron variant. 现在, it’s true that many more people in Botswana died yesterday from malaria, AIDS, diarrhea, 淹死, car crashes, choking on peanuts, domestic disputes, agricultural accidents, and also just because in the end human beings tend to get old and die.

Statistically, that is a valid observation, but it does not lessen the existential terror the rest of us feel knowing that omicron exists. 没有, it certainly doesn’t.

As the Chairman of the Federal Reserve announced yesterday, thanks to omicron, and not at all due to the criminally reckless decisions that he has made personally, thanks to omicron, our economy is going to be terrible for a long time and we’re definitely going to need a lot of mail-in ballots in the coming midterm elections for your safety, 当然.

And vaccines, oh yes, we’re going to need a lot more vaccines.

In addition to the two you’ve probably already had, you’re going to need a third vaccine, 至少, Pfizer’s orders. 看.


吉姆克莱默, CNBC HOST: With the new omicron variant sweeping the globe, how do we finally put an end to this pandemic? How do we save lives and get business back to normal so everybody can put dinner on the table?

简单 — the Federal government needs to require vaccines, including booster shots for everyone in America by say January 1st.

所以, it’s time to admit that we have to go to war against COVID, require vaccination universally, have the military run it. If you don’t want to get vaccinated, you better be ready to prove your conscience, just object your status in court and even then, you need to help in the war effort by staying home until we finally beat this thing.


卡尔森: 是, let the military run it. 美国. Army is going to force you to get your third injection. That’s how serious omicron is. This from the guy who demanded you keep your money in Bear Stearns five days before it disappeared completely, so you can definitely trust what he is saying.

This stuff is scary. The national media are highly upset about omicron. Listen to the deep concern.


博士. LEANA WEN, CNN MEDICAL ANALYST: I believe that states and local jurisdictions and businesses that have let go of indoor mask mandates, they should bring it back as well as an additional step to protect against omicron.

身份不明的女性: They are preparing and preparing for the worst potentially. We heard the President yesterday urging people to go get their booster shot.

RICHARD QUEST, CNN BUSINESS ANCHOR, QUEST MEANS BUSINESS: I do see targeted lockdowns, I see those for the unvaccinated. I see many more restrictions being introduced for the unvaccinated where they can go, how they can go.

博士. WILLIAM SCHAFFNER, PROFESSOR OF MEDICINE IN THE DIVISION OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES, VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE: I think we may indeed be in for a phase of many more masks, much more social distancing, and more restrictions, and obligations for vaccination going forward.


卡尔森: 好, 是, look what’s happening in Botswana tonight. So we’re going to get more vaccines and quote “锁定” for anyone who resists getting the injection and we’re not joking this time. Omicron is here. It’s a whole new pandemic.

So to assess just how terrified you ought to be in this moment, we are joined tonight by the world’s premier COVID reporter, Alex Berenson whose brilliant new book, “Pandemiais out today and is on sale and of course, we highly recommend it.

亚历克斯·贝伦森, 非常感谢. Congratulations on the book. Thanks for joining us tonight.

ALEX BERENSON, 作者: 谢谢, 塔克.

卡尔森: So we’re being told that omicron, which apparently has destroyed the continent of Africa is a justification for a brand new set of restrictions, 疫苗, 锁定. Assess this if you would.

BERENSON: I mean this is a joke, 塔克. It’s a joke and I think people are no longer scared, they are no longer fooled by it. A., they have no idea if this variant is more dangerous or less dangerous. 而事实上, the people in South Africa who have treated people with it say it’s less dangerous, they say it’s milder. B., it looks like the spike in cases that look so scary a couple ofabout a week ago or 10 days ago in South Africa may have been due to an artifact in testing, meaning the South Africans started to accept antigen tests, which are cheaper and easier to perform and there may just have been a whole bump of those. So this thing may not even spread more rapidly.

C., if it is as different as they’re saying, vaccinations aren’t going to work very well against it. We already know that vaccinations fail in a matter of months against infection and transmission after the second dose and it looks like delta that — 你懂, delta is worse in terms of being able to evade vaccinations, there is a debate about that, but it looks that way.

So if this variant is more highly mutated, you would expect it to be even more able to evade vaccines and in fact, Moderna’s CEO, the decabillionaire, Stephane Bancel said a few hours ago, said it about a day ago that he thought or his scientists are saying that they’re of course going to need a new booster. They are going to need to figure out you know a new mRNA jab for this.

So this is nonsense and the real reason for it is probably twofold. A., nobody wants to get boosters threefold. B., the vaccine mandates are collapsing and now all three of them have been stayed by Federal judges. The CMS, the OSHA, and the Federal contracting mandates are all on hold, so there are no mandates right now in the United States, and people don’t want to get their kids vaccinated and the powers that be are very well aware that vaccines are failing and they want to blame this thing.

And it’s not going to work. People are done being scared, and frankly, 塔克, I mean I’m so busy reading sort of scientific papers that people send me and trying to figure out what’s really going on with vaccine failure and you know, potential vaccine dangers that I had no idea that the hysteria was like this on CNN and these other channels. It’s insane.

卡尔森: Can I ask you a question?

BERENSON: And if there is one thing aboutsure.

卡尔森: 哦, 请 — 好, I just can’t resist. So if you were really worried about this new variant, where is the point in the pandemic where we talk about treatments for people who’ve been infected, people who have been vaccinated are getting infected. Where are the treatments? And why is nobody even mentioning — 我的意思是, what the hell? Where is the treatment?

BERENSON: 好, 所以, there is a treatment from Pfizer. I almost hesitate to say it, but there is a new drug from Pfizer where the early results look very good and we’ll see if that actually makes a difference.

你懂, here’s the thing aboutPandemia,” 你懂, the book that’s out today, 对? So in writing it, I really got to look at the scope of the last two years and the lies and the misstatements and the mistakes and how they were wrong about school closures, wrong about lockdowns, wrong about test and trace. 你懂, they appear to have been very wrong about vaccines, 太. They’ve been wrong about everything.

They are never held accountable and at some point, people are just going to stop listening.

我认为, it is happening more quickly in the United States because we have a stronger Constitution and frankly, we have a somewhat surlier population. But I have to believe it’s going to happen in Europe, 太.

卡尔森: You’ve got to think — 我的意思是, this is such a longer conversation. I hope you’ll come back for one, but just in three sentences, people’s faith in public health authorities and in doctors, which I think we really needwe need faith in those institutions seems to be evaporating very quickly because of their misbehavior. Do they understand that?

BERENSON: 我不知道, but they need to, and honestly if you read the book you’ll understand why they have been wrong. They haven’t admitted they’ve been wrong, and they’re doubling down on it. And you know we talked about this a little earlier, 塔克, we cannot let them walk away from this. We cannot let them try to rewrite history.

The losers don’t get to rewrite history.

卡尔森: 是. That is exactly right. 亚历克斯·贝伦森, someone who cares about facts and has been through relentless harassment because of it. The book isPandemiaIt is out today. We appreciate you’re coming on tonight and congrats on the book.

BERENSON: Thanks so much.

卡尔森: 与此同时, as a result of bad and intentionally bad policies throughout the country, there has been a crime wave like really most people living have never seen before, looting of businesses in retail stores all over the United States. It is obviously organized. Who is behind it?

A senior police sergeant in the City of San Francisco has looked into it and joins us next.

顺便说说, if you’re bored, you can head over tuckercarlson.com during the break. Tons of new merch in the store, no supply chain issues. We’ll be right back.


卡尔森: 好, here is a pretty amazing story that we almost missed. Los Angeles County has hired a genetics firm to make sure that workers for the county are complying with the COVID law. 现在, the Sheriff in LA County is refusing to work with that firm. Wait until hear why.

FOX’s Trace Gallagher has that story for us tonight. 嘿, Trace.

TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CORRESPONDENT: 嘿, 塔克. As part of its vaccination and testing mandates for county employees, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors without a bidding process, mind you, hired a company called Fulgent Genetics to provide COVID testing, but LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva is refusing to use Fulgent for his department because he says the F.B.I. warned him and other county leaders that Fulgent is controlled by the Chinese government and that during COVID testing, the company gathers genetic information and shares it outside the U.S.

And Fulgent isn’t trying to hide or deny any of this, saying publicly quoting here, “We may store, process, and transmit personal information in locations around the world. If you do not want your information transferred to or processed or maintained outside of the country or jurisdiction where you are located, you should not use our services.Except that far left Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon is telling county employees, they must use Fulgent’s services quoting again, “You are hereby directed to register in the Fulgent system designated by the county.

The DA’s letter goes on to note that failure to comply could get you fired, and all of this comes just a month after a “纽约时报” article warned that China is using its companies to collect genetic data from around the globe to build the world’s largest bio database.

Sheriff Villanueva says he is baffled by the County Board of Supervisors vetting process saying either they failed to discover this information about Fulgent or they discovered it and chose to ignore it — 塔克.

卡尔森: My jaw is open. Trace Gallagher, thank you for that story tonight. 欣赏.


卡尔森: 好, in addition to everything else, there is a crime wave going on in this country that really has no precedent. Widespread looting, completely out of control.

FOX’s Claudia Cowan has reported on how organized this looting is. 看.


克劳迪娅·科万, FOX NEWS CHANNEL REPORTER: It is the season for thieves to ransack stores, grab as much as they can carry, and resell the stolen loot online.

From Chicago to Los Angeles, from high end retailers like Louis Vuitton to neighborhood pharmacies, packs of young adults are overwhelming employees, smashing display cases, clearing shelves, then running out to getaway cars. Every detail carefully planned to push millions in stolen goods out through third-party sellers in time for the Holidays.

Industry leaders say San Francisco is the epicenter of organized retail crime.


卡尔森: Video like that makes you feel like things maybe really are kind of falling apart. Ask anyone who runs a business in San Francisco, they know perfectly well the government will not protect them. So some have decided to board up their windows. You’re seeing images of several high-end stores in San Francisco on your screen right now.

So a secret: What has happened to San Francisco, first the State of California passed Proposition 47 that lowers the penalties for theft, effectively legalizing shoplifting. Then George Soros backed a genuinely radical candidate for District Attorney, for prosecutor, called Chesa Boudin.

Under Boudin, theft has increased exponentially, but conviction rates for theft have dropped.

Tracy McCray is a Senior Sergeant at the Bay View Police Station in San Francisco, she joins us tonight. Sergeant, I am amazed that you’re willing to come on the show and grateful that you are, 非常感谢你. Tell us what it’s like in San Francisco right now.

TRACY MCCRAY, SENIOR SERGEANT, BAY VIEW POLICE STATION IN SAN FRANCISCO: 好, thank you for having me. 旧金山, as you can see from all the videos, the boarded up shops, the empty spaces for retail is a city that is spiraling or already in the bottom of the toilet.

So what’s going to happen? 我的意思是, can it get worse? Anything is possible.

卡尔森: 好的, 再次, thank you for your firsthand account of this. We watched the videos, 但是你知道, if you don’t live there, it’s hard to know. You’re a police officer there. How frustrating is this for you to watch?

MCCRAY: 好, 给我, it’s very frustrating because I’m a native here, born and raised. The time I did spend in the Bay View before I was promoted to a Lieutenant who is now in charge of the robbery unit, which is my day job, I see all of this in real time and it’s concerning.

I see this when I’m working. I see this when I’m off duty. I see this as the Vice President of the Union representing the men and women trying to serve this city to the best of their ability. I don’t know about our other partners what they’re doing, but we have a problem. Let’s recognize that we have a problem and let’s get to a solution.

卡尔森: Are you confident the police could fix this if they were allowed to fix it?

MCCRAY: 是, 我是. I am very confident because we have the will of 2,200 members who come in day in and day out to do their job to make this city better.

卡尔森: Amen. And that’s the whole point of government, it is to make the lives of the people who live in your city better. I’ve got to ask, what percentage of the population of people who live in San Francisco are frustrated by this?

MCCRAY: 好, I’ll say a lot now. You mentioned the DA, the recall that is happening. You had 83,000 签名. They want to blame the Republicans. We don’t have 83,000 Republicans in San Francisco.

卡尔森: 没有, 你不. 没有, 你不.

MCCRAY: So it’s across. 没有, we don’t, so it’s a cross section of people who are now fed up. The west portal area just had a sideshow, which has set people off, so like we know what we need to do. Let’s just have the guts to do it and stop talking about it.

你懂, so it’s incredibly frustrating but even as frustrated as we are, we’re still willing to show up and to do our job and I wish our other partners in the justice system would just do theirs.

卡尔森: 好, you’ve certainly done yours tonight. Tracy McCray of the San Francisco Police Department, grateful that you came on tonight and I hope that makes a difference. I bet it will. 谢谢.

MCCRAY: I hope so, 太. 谢谢.

卡尔森: Amen. Well in addition to everything else, Joe Biden has just nominated someone strongly in favor of censorship to a key post that regulates media. This could have massive implications for what you’re allowed to say out loud, what you can see on television et cetera et cetera. Massive implications for your life. We’ve got the details straight ahead.


卡尔森: First Amendment to the Bill of Rights could not be clearer. The government may not regulate political speech. That is the very first thing the framers of our Constitution prohibit the Federal government from doing, regulating political speech.

Well ever since, some people have been working to get around that and to regulate political speech. It’s disinformation they tell you. That’s the latest pretext for violating your First Amendment rights. Here is the latest chapter in that sad story.

Joe Biden has just nominated a pro-censorship activist called Gigi Sohn to become a commissioner at the Federal Communications Commission. Her confirmation hearing is tomorrow. Sohn is for censorship and has said so many times online.

Who is this person? And is she likely to have control over your speech?

好, Charles Gasparino who is a senior correspondent at FOX Business has been following the story long before most of us ever heard of her, and we’re happy to have him join us tonight. Charles Gasparino, thanks so much coming on.


卡尔森: I’m doing great, so who is Gigi Sohn?

GASPARINO: Telecom lawyer activist, you know essentially a far left progressive in the telecom business and you know she comes out against mergers, but she does more than that. She advocates for certain types of speech from her perch. I think she’s at Georgetown. She runs something called Public Knowledge. It’s a George Soros backed organization.

So I know you brought up Soros before. He’s all over the place in the Biden administration particularly with her.

Listen one of the things I think that’s scary about this is that the Federal Communications Commission is a super powerful organization. It affects all sorts of business. It affects our lives in so many different ways, everything from what we receive here, what you see on the screen. She is going to be put in the perch essentially to regulate some of that stuff and that includes to a degree speech.

Now obviously, there’s a First Amendment and obviously cable is not totally regulated in the same ways by the Fairness Doctrine as regular television, but she could have a say. She could have a say in what tech does. She could have a say in what tech doesn’t allow on and she could have a say theoretically, if she pushes and she’s a radical, what we’re seeing on the air right now.

It is not beyond the possibilities, and she is really scary. 我的意思是, 看, 听, all of youlook at her own words, put up the tweets. 我的意思是, I’ve been following her for so long because her and I butted heads on some of my coverage of a merger last year, which she was against and I was writing about, and of course, I work for FOX so she thinks I’m this the — 你懂, the devil.

But if you look at some of these tweets, they’re fascinating.

For all of my concerns about Facebook, I believe FOX News has had the most negative impact on our democracy. It’s state-sponsored propaganda with few if any opposing viewpoints. Where is the hearing about that?” She was literally calling for a hearing about FOX News because she doesn’t like what we say, she doesn’t like the opinion. She doesn’t

I mean this is really

卡尔森: We’re the one outlet on television with a different view. Everyone else is monochromatic. Everyone else is saying exactly the same thing. One channel that you subscribe to has a different view and she thinks we need hearings to shut it down.

GASPARINO: Listen to this one. “Do you still want me to believe that social media is more dangerous to our democracy than FOX News?” 我的意思是, if you have to say something like that, you have to be deranged, you might have a needle sticking out of your arm or just — 我的意思是, just you are out there. I mean more dangerous than FOXthat social media is not more dangerous than FOX News. The filth we see every day on Twitter and Facebook.

我的意思是, she really is sick. So here is the thing, she has been appointed. She is nominated by Biden to be a Commissioner, not the Chair. They’re going tothey’re going tothey’re looking to make the Chair, the current Acting Chair, Jessica Rosenworcel, the permanent Chair. 然而, a lot of people think that Biden is going to pull a switcheroo, like he did with Lina Khan at the F.T.C., another lefty. He is going towhen both get confirmed, you can literally switch and make Gigi Sohn the Chair and that’s going to be really scary.

卡尔森: 男子, let’s hope that somebody can stop this. Charles Gasparino, I appreciate it. Thank you for your reporting on this. Good to see you.

GASPARINO: Anytime, 塔克. Good to see you.

卡尔森: So for all of the attention justly that Tony Fauci has received recently for his lying, his inaccuracy, his crazed egomania, he has gotten relatively little credit for the grotesque experiments on dogs that he has supported. It turns out anyone who notes this speaks out against this, faces an awful lot of criticism.

Glenn Greenwald on a topic he knows a lot about, that’s straight ahead.


卡尔森: This is a FOX News Alert. New video just in to us from Los Angeles. 这里是. It shows two men targeting a woman and her infant as they returned to their home. According to the LAPD quote, “Both suspects are described as male black 20 至 29 in a silver sedan with tinted windows. It’s awful. Another sign of social decay.

Another FOX News Alert, 顺便说说, just in “华盛顿邮报” is reporting right now that the Biden administration is apparently debating a proposal to require all travelers entering this country to quarantine for seven days, 无论疫苗接种情况如何, regardless of a negative COVID test. This would apply to everyone, including U.S. 公民, it would not apply to people who come here illegally.

But for people who fly to the Bahamas or Mexico or any other country in the world, 整个周末, it would definitely apply to them. Seven-day quarantine, we’ll keep you posted on that.

Glenn Greenwald is an independent journalist. We’ve got a couple of things to talk to him about. We just want to invite himwelcome him now. Thank you for joining us, 格伦.

So what is your reaction, a seven-day quarantineas an American who lives abroad, what’s your reaction to this?

格伦·格林瓦尔德, JOURNALIST: I was just thinking about that that I have several trips planned, and it is hard to express or put into words how divorced the discourse around COVID is in the United States from the science that we’re all supposed to follow.

If you have a negative test, if you’re vaccinated, what conceivable justification is there for even considering such a grave deprivation of liberty as forcing you for seven days to lose the core freedom of movement over a virus that we’re told there’s an effective vaccine for? I feel like we’re being trained to simply accept the assertion of any authority in the name of safety without even questioning it any longer?

卡尔森: 好, that’s exactly right. What is the appropriate — 作为公民, what is the appropriate response to a demand like that, do you think?

绿地: I do think that at some point, there is going to have to be a serious show of collective civil disobedience. There is really no way to resist assertions of government power that become abusive, except by citizens banding together and refusing to obey them any longer. They cannot force people to do that, if that happens.

卡尔森: I agree with you completely on that. 所以, I have to ask you about this Fauci story. So of all the things that people criticize Fauci for, the one that enraged “华盛顿邮报” most is when a nonprofit organization demonstrated that Fauci had supported cruel and probably scientifically pointless experiments on dogs, 和 “华盛顿邮报” promptly attacked the group that exposed this.

Why wouldThe Postbe so quick to defend cruel and needless experiments on Beagle puppies?

绿地: Here’s the bizarre thing about this, 塔克. So there is this animal rights group that has done an ingenious strategy called The White Coat Waste Project. They have joined the left and the right in Congress by fusing the cause of animal rights and dog cruelty to wasteful taxpayer government expenditures by saying that the government is using our taxpayer dollars to fund medically unnecessary, gruesome experiments.

They have been denouncing this for years. They have been praised by “华盛顿邮报” 从 2016 通过 2020 as one of the rare success stories in Washington of a bipartisan coalition, suddenly they prepared a hit piece on them. 为什么?

Because now, the focus of the activism is the fact that these experiments, which are not just gruesome, but totally unnecessary, is being overseen by agencies controlled by Dr. Fauci and funded by Dr. Fauci and “华盛顿邮报” is willing to protect the government and these gruesome experiments, all to prevent any criticism from being attackedattached to Anthony Fauci.

It is a complete abuse of journalism to attack this small nonprofit group that has a great cause, simply because their work might reflect on someone who is now an icon of liberal journalism.

卡尔森: 男子, that is the depth of corruption right there. But you’re right, it is counterproductive because they certainly won my support and I think, of many people listening tonight.

格伦·格林瓦尔德, great to see you as it always is. Thanks a lot.

绿地: Good to be with your, 塔克. 谢谢.

卡尔森: We’re out of time. 当然, we will be back every night 8:00 下午, the show that is the sworn and sincere enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink.

Have the best night. Sean Hannity takes over now.

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