Tulsi Gabbard accuses Biden's Homeland Security Sec. Mayorkas of boldly lying to Congress

The Biden-Harris administration has an open-door policy at the borders,” the Hawaii Democrat said. “The reality is that people are being let in and crossing the border every single day.

Under the Biden administrasie, encounters between Border Patrol en illegal immigrants have skyrocketed. In Augustus, there were over 200,000 encounters, up more than 300 percent from the same month in 2020.


Actions speak louder and louder than words,” Gabbard said. “[Ek]t doesn’t matter how many times Sec. [Antony] Blinken or Kamala Harris or anyone from the administration says, jy weet, don’t come across the border.

“Hierdie dwelmkartelle, these human traffickers, they are incredibly emboldened to the point where they feel that they can do this without consequence, where they feel they can continue profiting off of trafficking people across these borders that are essentially open … The fact is that the open-door policy that this administration has in place is posing a humanitarian crisis is creating a humanitarian crisis, as well as a very serious security threat for our country,” the former lawmaker said.

Gabbard went on to accuse Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of boldly lying to Kongres.

Sy het gese, “The Department of Homeland Security secretary recently told Congress: ‘Our borders are secure.’ This is what he said.

Gabbard argued that when bold-facedlies like that are being told to the American public, they lose trust in their government and leaders.

The faith and trust that the American people need to have in our leaders is dropping every day,” sy het gese.

Gabbard said lies to the Amerikaans people reveal, “the arrogance and the self-serving nature of leaders who are in power in this country and the disrespect that they have for the American people and it’s why people are losing faith and trust in those leaders.

And that’s the problem here is we don’t have leaders who … put themselves ahead of the interests of the people,” sy het gese.

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