Twitter首席执行官多尔西(Dorsey)受克鲁兹(Cruz)约束,限制猎人·拜登(Hunter Biden)故事: ‘是谁选了你?’

Twitter首席执行官多尔西(Dorsey)受克鲁兹(Cruz)约束,限制猎人·拜登(Hunter Biden)故事: 'Who the hell elected you?'

它的. 泰德·克鲁斯, 德州, ipped陷Twitter首席执行官Jack Dorsey, accusing him and his social media platform of improperly censoring reporting from the New York Post that reflected poorly on Joe Biden, despite not acting consistently regarding stories about President Trump.

The Post’s Twitter account was locked and links to their article about the contents of a laptop reported as having belonged to Hunter were censored. Dorsey said this was due to a policy regarding hacked materials. Cruz noted that a New York Times article about President Trump’s tax returns did not face the same treatment, even though the materials appeared to be leaked illegally.

“先生. 多尔西, 谁选了你,让你负责媒体的报道和美国人的听闻, 以及为什么您坚持以民主超级PAC的方式沉默自己与政治信仰相反的观点?”

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