Twitter says Trump Jr. tweet comparing President Biden to Jimmy Carter caused confusion

El viernes, Donald Trump Jr. tuiteó, “Biden isn’t the next FDR [Franklin Delano Roosevelt] he’s the next Jimmy Carter.

Later on Friday, debajo “tendencias” in politics, Twitter wrote thatpeople are confused bythe tweet from Donald Trump Jr., “given that former president Carter is a Nobel Peace Prize winner whose humanitarian record is largely respected.

Author and conservative commentator Ben Shapiro pointed out Twitter’s comment, playing off the platform’s words to write that, “People are confused by Twitter thinking that Jimmy Carter’s presidential legacy is one of joy and success.

Trump Jr. also retweeted two tweets from Federalist senior editor and Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway, who was reacting to Twitter’s trending post.

Twitter either making its pro-Dem propaganda even less subtle or too stupid to know facts of absolutely abysmal economic situation of country during Carter’s presidency,” Hemingway tweeted on Friday. “Tip for the young reporters: those real-life econ woes caused major probs [problemas] for your favored political party!”

Trump Jr. also retweeted Hemingway’s response to international security professor and author of a book on terrorist leaders Max Abrahms, who reacted to Twitter’s post by writing, “What has Twitter become? It obviously wants to play a very active partisan role.

Hemingway responded by writing, “For a country that lost its mind over Russians spending $ 160K on Facebook ads that promoted Clinton and Trump, we sure are blasé about our tech oligarchs giving out billions of dollars in propaganda for their favored political party and against their disfavored political party.

A Twitter spokesperson did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

Some on social media, including political commentator Travis Akers, who serves on the board of directors for DemCast USA, pointed out Carter’s accomplishments in response to Trump Jr.’s tweet writing, “I cannot think of a nicer compliment than to be compared to Jimmy Carter.

An honorable, compassionate, and loving Christian man, loyal to his bride, Jimmy Carter is still teaching Sunday School and building homes for Habitat for Humanity in his 90s,” él continuó.


Democratic strategist Chris Hahn shot back at Trump Jr.’s tweet on Friday by referencing former President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the deadly ene. 6 disturbio when pro-Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol in Washington, CORRIENTE CONTINUA.

Your father created fewer jobs than Jimmy Carter,” Hahn also wrote.

Trump Jr. responded to the description Twitter provided for the trend on Friday, explaining thatanyone who is supposedly ‘confused’by his earlier tweetshould probably read the awful Biden job report out today, then take a peek at the rising prices of raw materials that we’re seeing and then finally google ‘Jimmy Carter inflación"….Things will make a lot more sense to you!”

The unemployment rate unexpectedly rose a 6.1% — while it’s still well below the April 2020 peak of 14.7%, it’s about twice the pre-crisis level, the Labor Department said in its monthly payroll report, lanzado el viernes.

Economists surveyed by Refinitiv expected the report to show that unemployment fell to 5.8% and the economy added 978,000 trabajos. The report revealed employers added a measly 266,000 new jobs in April.

Reacting to the weak April jobs report, President Biden said the country isstill digging out of an economic collapseamid the pandemic, but that the U.S. is on theright track.

“Hoy dia, there is more evidence our economy is moving in the right direction,” Biden dijo, while acknowledging, sin embargo, que “it is clear we have a long way to go.

Biden, aunque, touted his administration, diciendo 1.5 million jobs have been created since he took office.

Fox Business’ Megan Henney and Fox News’ Brooke Singman contributed to this report.

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