Twitter video shows McDonald’s worker preparing massive number of to-go orders

Twitter video shows McDonald's worker preparing massive number of to-go orders

The pandemic has been hard on a lot of people.

McDonald’s customer in England shared a video of one of the franchise’s employees working alone to fill a large number of to-go orders. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many restaurants have seen an increase in to-go orders.

Video of the employee working on the massive number of orders by herself was shared to Twitter by a McDonald’s customer, Yahoo News 보고서. The footage was recorded at a McDonald’s in West London.


에 따르면 트위터 caption, the girl was preparing the orders while a group of delivery drivers waited outside. 비디오에서, she can be seen adding bags to an already large number of orders and then running back to the kitchen. She is the only worker visible in the video, although it’s unclear if other employees are busy in other areas of the restaurant.

The man who posted the video said that at one point, the girl was working so hard that she seemed to beclose to tears.

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The Twitter video was captioned, “약 15 drivers outside waiting to pick up their Uber Eats orders, and they had one woman alone running back and forth between the kitchen and handing out the orders. She was so overwhelmed she was close to tears.

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The post continued, “It got to a point where she was frozen to the spot not knowing what to do. Shameful display of management from a billion-dollar companycan’t afford to pay £9 an hour for at least one more person to help her.

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