Twitter’s Birdwatch tool a way for people to ‘cancel each other,’ not debate: Biotech CEO

Twitter's Birdwatch tool a way for people to 'cancel each other,' not debate: Biotech CEO

Biotech entrepreneur and author Vivek Ramaswamy slammed 트위터 Wednesday after the social media giant announced their plans to implement a new anti-disinformation system operated by users, ~로 알려진 Birdwatch.

Speaking on 여우 & 친구, Ramaswamy alleged that the purging of Twitter accounts and the permanent suspension of former President Donald Trump was only the first step in Twitter’s ‘plan’ to do the ‘dirty work’ that the left wing of Congress could not do under the Constitution to censor conservatives.


The Roivant Sciences CEO went on to explain that he believes step two is Birdwatch. He said having users provide ‘context’ to posts, as Twitter describes it, is actually a way for people tonot debate each other, but to cancel each other.

These policies are changing every day on the fly. … They censor Trump, they censor conservatives on the fly,” Ramaswamy said, calling itarbitrary rule-making on a day-to-day basis.

He went on to criticize Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for operating a ‘corporate monarchy”, changing terms and conditions and Twitter rules on the fly and moving towardcancel culture on steroidsby way of the new system.

Twitter issued a Tuesday statement about Birdwatch, which they plan to roll out as a beta test to one thousand United States users this week.

A Twitter spokesperson wrote yesterday, “The reason we’re pursuing Birdwatch is because we’ve heard people say that context may be more impactful when it comes from the community rather than Twitter or any singular institution. Our hope is to provide a dedicated channel for these types of contributions people are already making through their own replies.

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The company said Birdwatch gives the ability to provide ‘context’ on tweets to users themselves, allowing them to identify tweets and information they believe is misleading or false by adding annotations directly to the tweet, outside of the standard reply function.

With Birdwatch, no singular tweet is exempt from being annotated on, with other Twitter accounts able to cite source materials from journals, other news sources and elected officials as a rebuttal.

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