Two college students had to be rescued when their boat made of plastic buckets and kiddie pools drifted out to sea

Two college students in California had to be rescued from the Pacific Ocean this weekend when they floated too far from the shore in a homemade boat, 警察によると.

The duo set sail from Isla Vista at 2 午前. 土曜日, according to Santa Barbara County Fire. Their boat consisted of two connected kiddie pools on top of some sort of board, と 20 five-gallon plastic buckets fastened on the bottom.
They were not engineering students,” said Mike Eliason, spokesperson for Santa Barbara County Fire.
      男性は, who are in their early 20s, did have an oar but it was no match for the ocean, said Eliason. He added seas were calm, but the water temperature was in the 50s, and the two men weren’t wearing wetsuits.
        The men were about 300 yards offshore when crews went out on paddleboards and personal watercraft to rescue them, エリアソンは言った.
          Alcohol was not a factor, 消防署は言った.
            Still curious as to why they decided to do this at 2 o’clock in the morning,” said Eliason.
            An ambulance was dispatched to the scene but there were no injuries reported, 彼は言った.