Two dead, one injured ahead of ABBA tribute concert in Sweden

Two people have died and a third person has been injured after an audience member fell from the seventh floor of a concert hall in Sweden into the crowd below, a police spokesman confirmed to CNN on Wednesday.

The incident occurred Tuesday evening about 30 minutes before an ABBA tribute concert was due to begin at 7.30 nm. plaaslike tyd, the spokesman said.
Oor 1,000 people had gathered at the Uppsala Konsert and Kongress in Uppsala city, oor 70 kilometers (43 myl) noord van die hoofstad, Stockholm, for the concert, volgens die polisie.
    Shortly before the concert began, a man in his 80s fell from the seventh floor and landed on two othersa man and a woman in their 60sin the open foyer on the ground floor, polisie gesê.
      The two men died and the injured woman was taken to a hospital. She sustained non-life-threatening injuries, volgens die polisie.
          Police are investigating what exactly happened and why the person fell, the spokesman said.
          The three victims have not yet been named by police.




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