Two of the world's rarest lobsters found in the same tank of England market: 'One in a billion'

A caterer shopping at a market in England spotted two unusual-looking lobsters in one of the store’s tanks. When he looked into it, he discovered that two of the world’s rarest lobsters were sitting in the same tank.

The lobsters were identified as orange Canadian lobsters and were reportedly on sale for about $  36.

The lobsters were identified as orange Canadian lobsters and were reportedly on sale for about $ 36. (iStock)

The lobsters were identified as orange Canadian lobsters, Southwest News Service reports. Secondo la testata giornalistica, the lobsters were on sale for about $ 36.

Caterer Joseph Lee reportedly spotted the lobsters while shopping.

I went in to do my usual shopping for my catering business,” Lee told SWNS. “I saw these two orange lobsters from a distance and thought they were toys because that’s the only time I’ve seen them orange apart from when they’re cooked. I knew they wouldn’t have put cooked lobsters in there because you need to keep lobsters in a special tank with flowing water below seven degrees.


Inizialmente, he says he thought the lobsters weren’t even real because of their color. It wasn’t until he inspected them up close that he saw that they were alive.

Rob the fishmonger told me they were really, really rare lobsters and to get one in the tank was a one in 30 million chance so the chances of having two are one in a billion,” Lee explained. “It is like getting struck by lightning three times and surviving each time. To have not just one but two in the tank is unimaginable.

The store’s manager, Anthony Burrage told SWNS, “We have donated them to Birmingham Sea Life center. After they arrived in the store from our delivery partners we realized they were unique and not the norm we called our Quality Assurance department and they did the rest. They called Birmingham Sea Life and they were collected on Saturday.


Nel frattempo, Lee says he’s just happy that the rare animals were saved.

The caterer explained, “I couldn’t bear the thought that these extremely rare creatures would end up on someone’s plate. I spoke to the manager of the catering division who said they would donate them to a Sea Life Centre. It’s just incredible to see two of these amazingly colored lobsters. I’m glad they’ve been saved so they can be enjoyed by people.

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