Two people were killed and 14 were wounded in Rochester shooting, 경찰은 말한다

Two people were killed and fourteen others were wounded during a shooting in Rochester, 뉴욕, police said early Saturday morning.

Police responded to calls of gunshots and found about 100 people running down a street in what Acting Rochester Police Chief Mark Simmons described as avery chaotic scene.
We could see and observe multiple victims of gunshot wounds at that time,” 그는 말했다.
The neighborhood where the shooting happened is near the Rochester Public Market, according to a report in the 민주당 원 & 연대기.
    Police have not released the names of the two victims but said they were both between 18 과 22 살이에요. There are currently no suspects in custody and it’s too early to tell how many shooters there were, Simmons added.
    This is truly a tragedy of epic proportion, if you ask me,” Simmons said. “Sixteen victims is unheard of.
    The event that was taking place when the shooting occurred wassome type of backyard party,” Simmons said. Police were not aware of the party and had not received any calls for disturbance. An investigation into the incident is ongoing.
      Rochester officials have issued guidelines for residents to limit social gatherings to household members and not to gather in groups, 에 따르면 city’s website.
      Non-essential gatherings such as birthday parties, weddings and holiday picnics remain prohibited,” the website 말한다.

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