Tyrus: No one has a best-selling book called ‘How I Made it to the Top with my Government Checks’

Free money is never good,” said Fox Nation host Tyrus. “I don’t care how you look at it…any time you give somebody free money over long periods of time, it stops them from growing, it stops them from working hard, it’s against everything this country is built on.

No one has a best-selling book called ‘How I Made it to the Top with my Government Checks,"” él continuó. “Guaranteed, it’s not out there.


The show hosts took the Democratic Party to task over their role in the worker shortage, as well as for shutting down the economy during the pandemic in the first place, saying they wereout of touch with the American people.

This is my issue with the Democratic party,” said Tyrus. “How can you sit there and talk about how hard it is to work to those workers who went out there when there wasn’t vaccines when we didn’t know what was going on. And they showed up at those shopping centers, and they showed up to work, and they showed up in the hospital. And you’re telling us now with vaccinations and down numbers, it’s even harder?”

Democrats want this,” said Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe. “They want a welfare state. That’s why all their policies increase the welfare state.

She continued that by providing people with free money, Democrats are hoping that voters will bebeholdento the Democrat Party, keeping them in power.

Former Congressman and Fox News contributor Sean Duffy agreed, diciendo “One hundred percent this is not about science, it’s about politics.




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