Tyrus rips liberals' 'casual racism' after attacks on Tim Scott


GEORGE “TIRO” MURDOCH: We’re just seeing this casual racism by the liberal side and their back fall is that we’re still stuck in the Jim Crow era—which is laughable, as I sat and I watched President Biden’s speech as there was a woman of color and an old woman standing behind him who were number one and two if something went down and then the joy of seeing a Black man represent the Republican Party in the response was to me what it’s all about. It was about equality, it was about opportunity and the brother spoke from his heart and he protected his brand but he showed that he was interested in also being bipartisan.

And what we got from that—from the side that’s all about virtue and doing the right thing and saying the right thing, they called him Uncle Tim. Bene, I guess I’ll just be Uncle Tyrus like I said because he stood for what he believed in and the whole point, the whole very existence of Mr. Scott is that in his generation his family went from picking cotton to being in the Senate. That means something. That’s what this country is all about and that shows that we’re not a racist country anymore.

The people who sit on their chairs and call him names and talk about him are usually people of color. That’s again, I also said racism. It’s not just for white people anymore. His attacks are coming from all walks of life because if you don’t agree with me I’ll make fun of you, I’ll call you a name and I’ll get racial on it because I can say that and you can’t say that.

And we’ve gotten to a point where equality is everywhere in this country. We all have hurdles. Whether it’s the color of our skin, our size our sex, or our orientation. We all have hurdles but it’s about the same.


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