Tyrus: Why does Gwen Berry want to compete in the Olympics if she hates her country so much

TYRUS MURDOCH: No, Io non, and quite honestly I don’t care when the national anthem was played. It doesn’t matter, 5:20, 4:15 it doesn’t really matter. I’m going to give you names here. We’ve had some issues in this country especially as a black man when I go to Tommy Smith, John Carlos, Jessie Owens who they had issues, they fought, they wanted dignity, but they also wanted a seat at the table. They wanted to show how much they loved their country, how much they belong, and human rights issues and they fought for it. This isn’t it. Even if we are taking a knee on the baseball game, I have no problem with a professional athlete being a citizen, taking a respectful knee during the flag if that’s what you choose to do while still honoring the flag, I have no issue. She turned her back on the flag. She was upset they had the gall to – what song would you think they are going to play at the Olympics? This very simply, why are you even competing in the Olympics if you hate the flag and the country so much? If it’s such a horrible place, why are you doing it?

I’m literally wearing the shirt of a man who didn’t believe in the Vietnam war, Muhammad Ali, protested lost two years in the prime of his career, five years I’m sorry, in the prime of his career, and he gave it up because of what he believed in and history looks back at him as a hero but at the time there was consequences for his actions and he took it because he believed in what he stood for. Così, if it’s this bad and you’re this insulted why are you competing? Protest. Sit out.


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