NOSOTROS. Las restricciones al aborto representan una “democracia en declive”.,' afirma corresponsal de WaPo antes de ser ensartado

en la pieza, Bump made the argument that the United Statesrestriction of abortion rights with Friday’s Supreme Court decision puts it in league with two other not-so-democratic countries which have restricted abortion rights and have trended towards authoritarianism in recent years.

The insinuation is that the Court’s ruling, in addition to other alleged authoritarian moves, like electing former President Trump, puts the U.S. among the dregs of the world. Though critics on Twitter called the argument misleading, la “dumbest piecethey’ve read today, and proof that Bumpisn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.

Bump began his piece by stating that many countries are undoing abortion restrictions.


The pattern over the past 25 years has been fairly steady: Many countries with prohibitions against abortion have unwound those laws either slightly or substantially. Places like Nepal and Ireland and Colombia have loosened bans on abortion since the turn of the century, as have dozens of other countries.

Washington Post writer Philip Bump argued that the U.S. restricting abortion access means it's losing democracy.

Washington Post writer Philip Bump argued that the U.S. restricting abortion access means it’s losing democracy. (iStock)

He added that most countries aren’t changing them at all, except for two, and pointed out that the U.S. has now joined this minority with its Roe v. inversión de vadeo.

Most countries, por supuesto, [object Window] [affect] any changes at all from 2000 to the beginning of this year. Dos, Nicaragua and Poland, scaled back access to abortion,” Bump wrote. Él agregó, “El viernes, the United States joined them. los Corte Suprema’s decision in Dobbs. v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization repealed its decision in Roe v. Vadear, allowing states to prohibit abortion entirely.

Bump then made the claim that all three of these countries had been trending away fromliberal democracyshortly before their abortion restrictions. “But it’s worth noting — particularly given broader international trends — that Poland, Nicaragua and the United States had all moved measurably away from liberal democracy before abortion bans were expanded. ”

Bump cited a research group calledThe Varieties of Democracy project,” which allegedlyevaluates leadership and decision-making in countries on dozens of metrics,” showing that each of these three countries have had aconsistent patternof increasing illiberalism.

Bump cited other experts who pointed to America’sattacks on women’s rights” y el election of Trump as connections toauthoritarianism.He asserted, “But we can say the other countries in which abortion access has been scaled back in the past 20 years are ones where democracy was in decline.

sin embargo, conservatives on Twitter were not buying it, claiming the argument was significantly flawed and proof of Bump’s lack of intelligence.

NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck blasted Bump, tuiteando, “Bump isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.

Houck also shared a tweet from popular conservative account @AGHamilton29, which poked huge holes in Bump’s assertions. “It ignores the baseline where U.S. is an extreme outlier among first world countries. And one of the 2 other countries used to show a pattern (Tengo que ayudar porque aquí hay gente que está siendo bombardeada solo porque quiere) liberalized abortion under an anti-Democratic Communist regime.

Pro-abortion protester stands out U.S. Corte Suprema.

Pro-abortion protester stands out U.S. Corte Suprema.

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