Uber's lost and found report includes tater tots, 이빨과 슬라임

Uber는 승객들이 차에 두고 간 물품 목록을 공개했으며 여기에는 정말 기괴한 것들이 포함되어 있습니다., like tater tots and grandma’s teeth.

승차 공유 회사가 발표한 “2022 분실물 색인” 6 월 3, near the end of Mercury in retrograde, which astrologists believe influences forgetfulness, Uber said. The index is based on missing item reports filed by passengers.
Uber’s list of the 10 most commonly forgotten items won’t surprise anyone. It includes phones, wallets, 카메라, keys, vapes and other ordinary things you might carry in your pocket.
    Where things get strange is its list of the 50 most unique lost items. 믿거 나 말거나, passengers left behind 500 grams of caviar, a bucket of slime, Bernie Sanders fanny pack, 40 chicken nuggets, a pet tortoise, and an urn with a family member’s ashes.
      Some items are repeatedly found. Uber said 40 riders left behind CPAP machines, 20 lost their gold or diamond-encrusted teeth grills, and more than 50 sports fans left behind jerseys.
          오스틴, 텍사스, took the top spot for being the most forgetful city, two years running. 불사조, 애리조나, and Atlanta, 그루지야, also made the list. The most forgetful days are Saturday and Sunday, and the most forgetful time is early evening, Uber said.
          Folks have been more forgetful than ever this year. As the world continues to get going again, we look forward to helping return these lost itemsno matter how unique they might be,” Lexi Levin Mitchel, senior communications manager at Uber told CNN.
          The annual report, which is in its sixth year, aims to remind passengers how to get lost items back using the Uber app.
            Using a feature within the app, riders can report items as lost and contact drivers to have them returned. The service costs $ 15, and covers the driver’s time and effort.
            물론이야, it’s up to passengers to decide if tater tots are worth the price.

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