UFC's Jorge Masvidal calls Colin Kaepernick coward over Fidel Castro T-shirt

Masvidal commented on a post from Turning Point USA via his Instagram Stories. The post showed Kaepernick from 2016 wearing a Fidel Castro shirt adjacent to a picture of the protests in Cuba.


“Know ur history and facts cowards like this fool should be sent to live in Cuba see what they say after a day there,” he wrote.

Kaepernick was criticized for wearing the shirt. He said at the time he agreed to Castro’s “investment in education” and “investment in universal health care.”

“I agree with the investment in education,” the former NFL quarterback said at the time, via Sports Illustrated. “I also agree with the investment in free universal health care as well as the involvement in helping end apartheid in South Africa. …I would hope that everybody agrees those things are good things. And trying to push the false narrative that I was a supporter of the oppressive things that he did is just not true.


“One thing that Fidel Castro did do is they have the highest literacy rate because they invest more in their education system than they do in their prison system. Which we do not do here, even though we’re fully capable of doing that.”

Masvidal shed some light on his family’s history escaping from the Cuban regime. He described the Cuban government as a “killing machine.”

“My father escaped Cuba when he was 14 years old,” Masvidal said in a video. “And I’ve only heard the horror stories since I could process thoughts of how s— this communist regime, killing machine is. So I just want to shed some light on Cuba – big SOS signal for them.

“This oppression has been going on for 61 years. It’s not just because of the pandemic, or it’s not just because they ran out of medicine, because they’ve been out of medicine, they’ve been out of resources and food. Because of the corrupt government, the extreme corruption over there where only a few at the top eat and everybody else has to suffer – those days have to come to an end.”

He called for the world to rally behind Cuba. He believes it’s everyone’s job to put the word out there about “these corrupt governments.”

Masvidal, who has a career 35-15 record, most recently fought UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, but he suffered defeat after he was knocked out in the second round.

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