UK 'leaning towards' mandatory Covid vaccines for health care workers

UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid 이다 “쪽으로 기울고” requiring staff in the National Health Service (NHS) to be vaccinated against 코로나 19, he said Monday.

Those fantastic people working in the NHS, they are naturally more vulnerable to being exposed to diseases and viruses, and of course that includes Covid,” Javid told British broadcaster Sky News.
“그러나, 또한, the people that they are looking after so well are naturally vulnerable. That is why they are at hospital, and it’s about giving them the protection they deserve too.
    A similar mandate already exists for workers in the care sector, said Javid. 11월 현재 11 all care workers in England are required to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, 그는 말했다, unless they are exempt under the regulations.
      There is the requirement in care system at the moment that you are vaccinated. And the vast, vast majority of people I speak to in the care sector, that is exactly what they want, because they know that it’s not just good for them butmost importantlyit’s important for the people that they are looking after so well,” said Javid.
        In the NHS we are thinking of doing the same thing. We’ve been very clear about this.
        A final decision is yet to be made, said Javid, who added that 93-94% of NHS workers are already vaccinated.
          What we saw with the care sector is that when we announced the policy, and then we set it in lawNovember 11th is the sort of cut-off datethen we saw many more people come forward and do the right thing and get vaccinated,” 그는 말했다.
          And that’s what I hope that, if we do the same thing with the NHS, we will see.
          UK authorities are also encouraging those eligible to get booster vaccines against Covid-19.
            The NHS has already given four million booster doses and will contact eligible people to offer them a booster dose, according to a statement from the prime minister’s office at 10 Downing Street published Saturday.
            모두 끝났어 50 or at high risk from Covid-19 will be invited for a booster shot six months after their second dose.

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