University announces first-ever masters degree in 'Happiness Studies,' will cost students $  17,700

Centenary University’s program willexplore the implications of happiness for individuals, the workplace, and our broader society,” de acuerdo con la college’s anuncio. It’s set to launch virtually in the fall and will cost students $ 17,700.

Whatever profession you identify, there is a place – a very important place for happiness studies – for the science of well-being,” Tal Ben Shahar, a happiness expert and the director of the program, dijo a Fox News.

Centenary University, Hackettstown, Nueva Jersey.

Centenary University, Hackettstown, Nueva Jersey. (


University President Bruce Murphy said in his March 18 anuncio: “This online, 30-credit graduate degree is an interdisciplinary program designed for leaders who are committed to personal, interpersonal, organizational, and societal happiness. Grounded in science and research, this new degree will study happiness and resilience to prepare graduates to make an impact in a wide range of fields.

Centenary, a private college in Hackettstown, New Jersey, con sobre 1,100 estudiantes, teamed up with the Happiness Studies Academy to create the happiness program. Murphy told Fox News a variety of professionals could benefit from the program, such as human resource employees creating trainings for staff or CEOs incorporating lessons into their organizations.

We were thrilled when Centenary University President Murphy and his colleagues were willing to take the leap, por así decirlo, and create and an academic field out of the fields of happiness, which is sorely needed in our world,” Ben-Shahar, who co-founded the Happiness Studies Academy, dijo a Fox News.

Centenary University, Hackettstown, New Jersey.

Centenary University, Hackettstown, New Jersey.

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