US benefits from federalism amid global autocratic shift, while Brits, Australians 'have nowhere to go': Zuby

In addition to his music, Zuby, born Nzube Udezue, has garnered a large following on both sides of the Atlantic through his social media channels where he provides a more classical liberal take on current events than many of his fellow performers.

Zuby and host 터커 칼슨 discussed how the U.S. has seen a very sudden swing to the political left as politicians enact executive edicts they tie to coronavirus mitigation, which critics have called governmental overeach.

그러나, Zuby noted that America’s federalist system – in that there are 51 regional governments; 50 states and the District of Columbia – are able to wield at least some power independent of the federal executive.

That system does not exist in 대 브리튼 섬, 그는 말했다, critiquing 뉴질랜드호주 as well for what he and Carlson view as heavy-handed tactics by the governments there.

We’ve seen this huge grasp of authoritarianism. If you look at places like Australia and New Zealand, and you see what’s going on,” 그는 말했다, as the respective governments of Prime Ministers Scott Morrison and Jacinda Ardern have enacted stringent socioeconomic restrictions on their constituents.

In Auckland, several people were arrested for smuggling Kentucky Fried Chicken into the locked-down city, in a recent report.

I think in the USA, there’s a mentality and an understanding of individual rights and civil liberty which is actually different from how it is in the rest of the world, which a lot of Americans, 특히, I believe take for granted,” Zuby said.

Carlson pointed to Zuby’s home country of Great Britain, remarking that Prime Minister 보리스 존슨, a member of the Conservative Party, has infringed on individual rights in similar ways as other Western leaders during the pandemic.

When you’re in London, and you’re in Great Britain, does anybody ever say ‘I can’t believe what’s going on’ — 여기, you have Boris Johnsonsmart guy, but can’t manage his own life. We don’t how many kids he has,” Carlson said. “He’s kind of a disaster personallytelling us how to manage the intimate details of our lives. That’s wrong. Does anybody ever say that?”

Zuby replied that there are indeed times when he and other like-minded Britons yearn for the ability to go elsewhere in their nation in the same way Californians and New Yorkers fed up with far-left policies are able to flee to Florida or South Dakota.

There is a resistance,” 그는 말했다. “I don’t want it to sound like, 알 잖아, every British person is a sheep who’s just willing to comply with whatever Daddy Government says. It’s not like that at all. I think proportionally, 그러나, it’s different.

And another thing with the USA – and again, a lot of Americans take this for granted – a huge advantage of this country, beyond its size and its geographical scale and its population, is that you have states,” 그는 말했다, speaking to the uniqueness of the federalist system.

“권리, you have 50 different options within your own country– 어디, you don’t like the way things are going in California? You’ve got 49 other options. You don’t like the way things are here, you can move without leaving your whole country. Whereas with lots of other countries, if things aren’t going well … I love the UK. I’m a big fan of the UK. It’s a wonderful country in many regards,” 그는 말했다.

But I was just feeling like, 남자, 있다– I don’t really like the way this is trending. I have a lot of concerns with this direction and this response. And with me, 마치, 잘, there’s nowhere else to go besides literally leaving the whole country, which is bittersweet.

Zuby added that in the case of Australia, where personal travel and freedom of movement has been greatly restricted amid enforcement measures.

You can’t leaveyou can’t come in. You can’t leave. It’s gone back to becoming a penal colony. 권리?” he remarked, referring to the origins of the Australian continent.

This is the thing. 그리고 당신은 알고 있습니다, it’s also been revealed that a lot of people don’t value liberty and freedom, 혹시, in the way that we thought that they did, or people claimed to. I think now you’re seeing that – I’ve always had a suspicion that, 정말, people value safety and security, or at least the illusion of it, more than they value freedom and liberty. And that’s really proven to be the case.

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“내말은, everything that’s going on, every government overstep, every bit of authoritarianism or outright tyranny, what’s the justification for it?”

It’s ‘for the greater good, for your health, for your safety’. That’s always the justification, even if they’re clearly, clearly going way, way, way, beyond that.

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