US-bound flights of Afghan evacuees to resume after measles pause

Flights of Afghan evacuees from staging areas abroad will resume this week as part of Operation Allies Welcome, según el Departamento de Seguridad Nacional.

The announcement comes after flights had been put on pause after cases of measlesa highly contagious viruswere discovered among Afghans. They are expected to resume Tuesday, according to a DHS official.
Más que 49,000 Afghan evacuees temporarily staying at military installations in the US have been vaccinated for measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) and varicella (chickenpox). Evacuees are also receiving vaccinations in Europe and the Middle East.
    The ultimate goal of Operation Allies Welcome is to successfully resettle our Afghan allies into local communities while prioritizing national security and public health,” said Robert Fenton, , senior response official for Operation Allies Welcome.
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