US citizen stranded in Afghanistan tearfully describes efforts to leave, says State Dept not helping

I kind of run the ground-ropes in America,” said Wilson, who works for Project Dynamo, an organization aiding Americans trapped in Afghanistan.

Part of that role is going through the database and vetting who is requesting evacuation. 马上, 明显, we are only able to evacuate Americans and NATO passport holders. 所以, my call list is about 500 美国人, NATO and their family members. It was in those vetting calls that I found Julie. I called up, basically just to say ‘are you an American?’ She told me her story and it broke me,” Wilson said.

大致 100 American citizens who want to leave 阿富汗 remain in the country as of the end of last week, 国务卿 安东尼眨眼 said during congressional testimony Monday.


Blinken’s testimony came two weeks after the completion of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Wilson said Julie’s story broke her because of the emotion of it, 称呼它 “gutting.

It hit different. I have been doing this for four weeks. I have not felt like that yet. It was awful,” Wilson told host Dana Perino.

On the phone, Julie told Perino that shecame to get married in Afghanistan and return to her life with her family back there.

但是之后, 的 “Taliban came in and everything changedin recent weeks. Julie said that Wilson isthe best lifelinefor her because the State Department said it couldn’t help.


I call them so many times and email them. They just take the phone and say ‘I am sorry, we can’t do anything for you.’ That’s the answer. I said what is going on with you guys? I am a U.S. 公民,” 她说.

When Julie could not continue to tell her story out of emotion, Wilson finished what the American stranded in Afghanistan wanted to say.

What she is not able to tell you. She went back to get married. She got the letter from the U.S. Embassy telling her and her family they could get into the airport and they went there and 18 members of her family were killed in the bombing,” Wilson said.

Wilson said thatcurrently only she and her daughter hold U.S. passportsand that’s all that Project Dynamo can get out of Afghanistan right now.

Julie has two American teenagers in the United States that she can’t be with right now, according to Wilson.


I had to have a conversation with her. Do you want to leave with your daughter and leave the rest of your family because I can’t get them out right now. All I can get out is you and your daughter because you hold the right passport. She will tell you just, all she has left is who is left in her family from the bombing. She can’t leave them. I could not make that decision with a member of any of my family. Being faced with that after losing 18 family members two weeks ago. I am not smart enough and I don’t have the emotional intelligence to know what she is going through,” Wilson said.

福克斯新闻’ Peter Hasson contributed to this report.