US Congressional candidate slams de Blasio's mask mandate: 'Parents are the best experts of their children'

LIZ JOY: 잘, I think it’s absolutely ridiculous. 내말은, the kids in this city right now, they’re going to have to go to school in 80 degree, 90 degree heat. Those schools are not air-conditioned. They have to be wearing masks. Here’s what the science shows. The science actually shows that there’s heat exhaustion, there’s asthma exacerbations. Kids have been fainting. School nurses are complaining that children are being dehydrated… This is what the science is proving. It has been 15 long months. It’s time for this 위임 to be completely lifted all over the state.


What the mandate said was it was amended and it was strongly encouraged that unvaccinated children still be masked and vaccinated children can remove their masks. And I don’t want to see that our children are being treated differently. I don’t want to see them being coerced. I don’t want to see them being shamed. They’ve already been under enough duress and mental stress over the past 15 개월.

…I think ultimately it’s because they want everybody to be 예방 접종. I think in the fall we’re going to see a huge push for all of our children to be vaccinated. And they do need to pay attention to the fact that now they’re doing that… The bottom line is freedom of choice. Parents are the best experts of their children and they get to decide what gets put into their children’s bodies.

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