US Marine mom holds up 'I don't kneel' sign during ESPN show

College Gamedayusually features fans’ signs prominently and most of them are clever – either proclaiming their team is the best or taking a joking jab at a rival. But one woman’s sign was no joke.

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The person held up a sign that readProud Marine Momwith a photo of the Marine and the Marine Corps seal. The sign was accompanied by the wordsLove you Ryan!” 和 “#I don’t kneel.The clip of the signs was tweeted out and the mom’s sign can be seen around the 9:45 标记.


每日来电 appeared to be the first to catch the sign.

去年, college football started off with some controversy when teams decided to take a knee before the start of games in protest of racial and social injustice. The kneeling started in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer.

It’s unclear whether teams are going to decide to kneel again this sesason.

Kneeling protests started in 2016 when pro quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to do it during the national anthem. Similar protests have been held at numerous sporting events since then.