US military aircraft with 4 aboard appears to have crashed in Norway, rescuers say

A US military aircraft with four people aboard that appears to have crashed Friday during NATO training exercises in Norway has been spotted withmajor damage,” 根据当局.

The MV-22B Osprey aircraft, assigned to the II Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) US military unit, 原为 “on a training mission in Nordland County, northern Norway on Fridaywith a crew of four, the Norwegian Armed Forces said.
The aircraft was spotted from a rescue helicopter, and appeared to have crashed in the municipality of Beiarn, Nordland Police chief of staff, Bent Arne Eilertsen, told public broadcaster NRK on Saturday. The craft appeared to havemajor damage,” Eilertsen said.
    What we have been told is that it is an American plane with Americans on board,” Eilertsen added.
      A US Marine Corps MV-22B Osprey in Japan, 在三月 17, 2022.

      The US Marine Corps said in a statement that the aircraft was taking part in NATO exercises when it was involved in amishap.
        The aircraft was participating in Exercise Cold Response 2022,the Corps said. According to NATO’s website, Cold Response 2022 is a long-planned exercise bringing together NATO allies and their partners which aims to test their ability to work together in cold weather conditions.
        Although the nature of military service is inherently dangerous, the safety of our Marines, Sailors, Allies and partners is our top priority,” 声明说.
          As of early Saturday local time, rescuers had not had any contact with the aircraft, Norwegian Police task leader Alexander Sjøvold Thofte told NRK.
          Bad weather means search crews need to access the site by land, with rescuers using snowmobiles to reach the scene, according to Eilertsen.
          Precipitation, 雪崩危险, wind and darkness make such a rescue operation demanding,” Eilertsen said.
          The aircraft was reported missing at 6:26 下午. local time Friday while heading toward the town of Bodø, located north of the Arctic Circle, the Norwegian Joint Rescue Coordination Center (JRCC) 在声明中说.
          The aircraft’s last known position was by Saltfjellet, a mountainous area of Nordland county, 声明添加.
          The Norwegian Safety Investigation Authority and The National Criminal Investigation Service will arrive in Bodø on Saturday and start their investigation at the town’s airport.
            Due to the poor weather, they will most likely make their way to the crash site on Sunday, according to NRK.