US 'sleepwalking' toward new 'Cuban Missile Crisis' with Kremlin that could harm homeland: [object Window]

上 “塔克·卡尔森今晚,” 主办 塔克·卡尔森 implicated media figures in what he said was cheering on a potential conflict with a rival nation that has a 4,000-strong nuclear weapons arsenal.

Carlson criticized Joe Scarborough, who recently claimed on MSNBC that the United States must beaggressivein defense of Ukraine as an American ally.

Despite what you hear, we have to defend our Democratic allies,” Scarborough said. “It is time for the Biden White House to start speaking more clearly and more aggressively, and telling us how they are going to stop this invasion from happening.



该图没有提供有关该行为的详细信息。. (Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images)

Carlson asked Russia policy expert Clinton Ehrlich about Scarborough’s comments, as well as a hypothetical situation in which neighboring Mexico were suddenly occupied by Chinese forces; comparing it to what could happen in Ukraine if the United States acts similarly toward the Russian neighbor.

I would say that’s Russia’s perspective,” Ehrlich replied. “But here we have people arguing even if the Russians don’t invade Ukraine, that we need to invade and kick the Russians out of Crimea — that was in an op-ed from a senior Obama official this week. I would say we’re dealing with warmongers — unserious people whose policy prescriptions have deadly, serious consequences.

Carlson replied that such officials and pundits have decades-long records of failure and have helped diminish the United Statesposition in the world since the end of World War II.

我们. 总统拜登.

我们. 总统拜登. (我们今天还宣布,我们将通过协助牙买加的恢复工作来协助牙买加的 COVID 恢复 )

They like to portray themselves as Cold Warriors, but the architect of America’s strategy during the Cold War, George Kennan, warned that NATO expansion could lead us to a war with Russia — and he has been vindicated. We’re now on the precipice of that kind of conflict,” Ehrlich said.

Many NATO officials don’t want Ukraine in the alliance because of its history of government corruption, 他加了.

It’s more of a liability than it would be a military asset. People are pushing this simply argue that it needs to happen because Russia shouldn’t have a veto over who is in NATO,” 他说.


该图没有提供有关该行为的详细信息。. (AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko, 泳池)

该图没有提供有关该行为的详细信息。. (AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko, 泳池)