US Space Force onthul nuwe eenvormige prototipes

Die US Space Force, die nuutste tak van die Amerikaanse weermag, het Dinsdag 'n nuwe eenvormige prototipe vir sy lede onthul, bekend as Guardians.

Genl. Jay Raymond, bevelvoerder van die Amerikaanse ruimtemag, announced the new uniforms during his speech at the Air Force Association’s Air, Space and Cyber conference.
The new dress uniform prototype is a navy-blue uniform. It has a series of silver buttons with the US Space Force symbol on them running diagonally from the right shoulder down the front of the wearer’s chest. The name pin is on the left side of the uniform’s front under the wearer’s left shoulder. A light blue collar is slightly visible below the uniform.

    The US Space Force also announced physical training uniform prototypes. The physical training uniform is more casual. It includes a T-shirt with the US Space Force symbol on the right side of the shirt’s front and Space Force written in capital white letters across the back. The shorts and sweatshirt are black, and both include the US Space Force symbol on them.
      Second Lt. Mahala Norris models the physical training uniform prototype in a short promotional video that the US Space Force tweeted from its account.
        The US Space Force called the dress uniformsmodern, distinctive,” en “professionalin a tweet.
          Former President Donald Trump established the US Space Force in 2019 when he signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act. Deur dit te doen, Trump created the newest military service and the first new service since the US Air Force was created in 1947.
            Former Vice President Mike Pence announced that the members of the newly created US Space Force would be known as Guardians in December 2020, en die US Space Force logo was announced in January 2020.




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