USS Ronald Reagan verlaat Asië om te help met die onttrekking van Afghanistan-troepe

Die USS Ronald Reagan, wie se tuishawe in Yokosuka is, Japan, will head toward Afghanistan beginning this summer, het die amptenare gesê, en sal daar tot vier maande werksaam wees.

Terwyl dit weg is, die Vloot will go without an aircraft carrier presence in the Asia-Pacific region for at least part of that time, het die amptenare gesê. Die VSA. Seventh Fleet, based in Japan, has dozens of other ships and aircraft, but the redeployment of its only available aircraft carrier represents a significant diversion away from Asia, watter President Biden has called a priority for the military.

Mnr. Biden unveiled plans last month to pull all U.S. and coalition troops out of Afghanistan by Sept. 11. Amerikaanse. officials said then that they would keep a carrier and its accompanying ships, known as a strike group, in the area to provide security while the forces are moving out of Afghanistan.

The aircraft carrier currently operating in the region, the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, has to leave by July to return to its home port in Norfolk, Virginia. The Eisenhower has been deployed twice during the past 36 months and can’t safely extend its deployment beyond that, defense officials said. The Eisenhower has been operating in the north Arabian Sea since April.

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