Uvalde police officer had gunman in his rifle sights before he entered school but didn't fire, 보고서는 말한다

총잡이는 살인을 계속할 것이다 19 국경수비대 전술팀 앞에서 아이들과 두 명의 교사가 결국 교실에 침입해 그를 데려갔다. 70 몇 분 후, ㅏ delay that has been sharply criticized by lawmakers, state law enforcement officials, and the Uvalde community.

It’s unclear why the initial Uvalde police officer did not immediately fire at the gunman, who had already started shooting into classrooms as he walked along the perimeter of the school.

In this instance, the UPD officer would have heard gunshots and/or reports of gunshots and observed an individual approaching the school building armed with a rifle. A reasonable officer would conclude in this case, based upon the totality of the circumstances, that use of deadly force was warranted,” the ALERRT center, which is based at Texas State University and provides active shooter response training, wrote in the report.