Uvalde shooting: Byron York rips Texas DPS for 'disastrous' news conference

BYRON YORK: This is a disastrous news conference from the Texas Department of Public Safety today because they simply would not explain what happened. What we found out today, the shooter arrives, does not encounter anybody when he goes into the school. Police arrive at about 11:44. We know from the ouers’ videos that the parents are protesting and asking, begging police to go in about 11:54, net 10 minute later.

As facts come in Texas school shooting, it can be more painful for families: Harold Ford Jr.

But it takes an hour until 12:44 when we think that somebody in law enforcement finally kills the gunman. So there are just enormous questions about what took place. The Texas authorities just said nothing vandag. Just think of the questions it raises. All of these children were grievously wounded. Did they all have to die in the course of that hour? Ons weet nie. There is a lot for Texas to explain.


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