Value of impeachment trial after president leaves office is ‘unresolved issue’: 图雷

Value of impeachment trial after president leaves office is 'unresolved issue': 图雷

George Washington University law professor 乔纳森·图利 argued on Monday that there is some value in a post-service impeachment trial in terms of dialogue and addressing the issues raised, but there are alsovery significantcountervailing costs.

Turley went on to say that holding an impeachment trial after a president leaves office isa very difficult argument to make in my view given the language of the Constitution.

Turley made the points onThe Faulkner Focusone day after his Fox News op-ed was published titled: “Trump impeachment trial – why his best defense may be no defense.


It is the future of the Constitution, 不 唐纳德·特朗普, that most concerns me as the 参议院 is about to try to remove a president who has already left office,” Turley wrote.

On its face, the planned impeachment trial is at odds with the language of the 宪法, which expressly states that removal of a president is the primary purpose of such a trial,” 他继续.

“当时, Trump will be neither a president nor in office. He will be a citizen and would be best served legally to forgo the trial entirely as extraconstitutional and invalid.

Some Republicans are arguing that the Senate cannot hold an impeachment trial once a president leaves office. 王牌, his legal team, or Trump-aligned senators may even try to have a court declare that to be the case. But it’s unlikely that the courts will weigh in on such a heavy constitutional question that is so intertwined with checks and balances provided to another branch.

查克·舒默(Chuck Schumer), the soon-to-be Senate majority leader, has made clear there will be a trial.

There are good-faith arguments to be made for a retroactive impeachment or post-service impeachment,” Turley noted on Monday, stressing that it is anunresolved issue.

Fox News’ Tyler Olson contributed to this report.