Vatican bank's former chief found guilty of money laundering, 거의 선고 9 수감 년

The former head of the Vatican 은행, 안젤로 칼로이 아, 자금 세탁 및 가중 횡령 혐의로 거의 9 년의 징역형을 선고 받았습니다..

81 세는 8 년 동안, 11 month jail term on Thursday, making him the highest-ranking Vatican official to be convicted of a financial crime. His lawyer is appealing his sentence.
Caloia was president of the bank known as Institute of Works of Religion (IOR) ...에서 1999 ...에 2009. He and two lawyers who consulted for the bank were charged with embezzling money while managing the sale of Italian real estate owned by IOR between 2001-2008, allegedly declaring less than the actual amount of the sale.
The Vatican court also convicted the two lawyers. Gabriele Liuzzo, 97, received the same sentence as Caloia. Liuzzo’s son, Lamberto Liuzzo, 나이 55, was handed a five years, two month term.
    Each man will also have to pay fines and are banned from public office in perpetuity, according to a press release from the Vatican.
    All three denied wrongdoing during the trial, which started in 2018.
    Former president of the IOR Vatican bank, Angelo Caloia is pictured during a court hearing on embezzlement charges at the Vatican.

    The Vatican bank has long been plagued by financial scandals.
    구월 2020 Giovanni Angelo Becciu, one of the Vatican’s powerful cardinals, resigned from his post amid financial scandal.
      At the time Becciu said he was accused of embezzlement and proclaimed his innocence during a press conference after effectively being fired by Pope Francis.
      에 2013, Pope Francis set up an expert committee to recommend reforms to the economic and administrative structures of the Holy See, to combat the problem.

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