Vernon Jones: Biden's trip to Georgia is 'slap in the face' to business owners

PETE HEGSETH: En primer lugar, let’s start with the climate change part. Joe Biden’s going to be in your state talking about climate change and infrastructure and the Green New Deal while cars drive up and emit in the process. You think it’s ever lost on them, the duality of that?

VERNON JONES: …this is the hypocrisy of the liberal. Now here’s Joe Biden coming to visit Atlanta. What he’s trying to do is save face because he cost many, many African American businesses and others an opportunity to benefit during Major League Baseball. So I don’t even understand why he’s coming here. Now he can come here, but Major League Baseball can’t come here. You see the hypocrisy in that, Pete? And so he’s coming really to take a tour of a disaster, that was not caused by God but was caused by a liberal. And it’s just an embarrassment and it’s also a slap in the face to many of us here in Georgia for him to even show his face here.

HEGSETH: Almost going through the wreckage, it’s so well said of a manmade disaster. He could have had so much economic opportunity here. En lugar de, it’s gone over to Denver. How much are people talking about that still? I got the sense when I was down there in a diner that it’s a visceral frustration. This was a big event, part of a reopening in Georgia that was just snatched away.

JONES: Done with the pandemic, people wanted more economic opportunities. Can you realize that we lost $ 100 million in Atlanta, Georgia and those who were most impacted were those small businesses, many African-American businesses who bought inventory who, ahora [son] sitting on the inventory


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