Veterans banding together during Afghanistan crisis say there's 'no appetite' to extract some Afghan allies

The scenes in Afghanistan took the most tragic turn yet last Thursday when a suicide bombing outside the Kabul airport claimed the lives of 13 우리. service members and 170 Afghans. Yet as the threats continue, evacuations are reportedly winding down ahead of the looming Aug. 31 마감 시간. 대통령 조 바이든 and his top national security officials have faced calls for their resignations in the ongoing crisis.

Green Beret Mathew Golsteyn told Hegseth he’s particularly dismayed thatthere’s no appetiteto get Afghan special forces the U.S. has trained out of the country to safety.

You have a large group of people that served alongside U.S. special operation forces for a decade+ that fought all the way back up into Kabul and in Kabul are now holed up there,” Golsteyn said. “What I’m getting, and I imagine that you guys are as well, the guidance being given is that there is zero interest in attempting to extract any of these guys into the Kabul airfield or, 알 잖아, repatriating them somewhere else.

There’s no appetite,” Golsteyn later added.


Michael G. Murray II, retired major in the U.S. Marine Corps, predicted the U.S. had severely injured its presence on the world stage in the seemingly misguided and unfruitful evacuation efforts.

When the crap hits the fan, they’re watching us give up,” Murray II said of other global actors.

Golsteyn added he was leery of the Biden administration reportedly having coordinated with the Taliban in trying to get vulnerable individuals through security checkpoints.

It sounds like it’s, to me, is an act of desperation, maybe borne out of necessity, that there’s not a tremendous amount of good options,” 그는 말했다. “And we are in the situation that we are in. That seems to be a very risky decision with little probability of payoff.

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The deadline to extract Americans and allies out of Afghanistan is Tuesday at 3:29 오후. 과, 11:59 오후. local time in Kabul.

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