Victor Davis Hanson argues humility, gratitude will aid racial pressures in US

HANSON: I think the first thing we do is we have to be a little bit more humble. And that is what we’re trying than the United States to do, a multiracial democracy, a constitutional government, that’s rare in history. 6,000 years of civilization and it almost never happens. And in the West, it only happened in the West in the last 2,500 años. And the norm throughout history is that we identify by how we look, our superficial appearance. We hire by our blood relatives, our first cousin. But the idea that your race or your appearance is incidental and not essential to who you are is a very radical idea.

But if you want to be regressive and go back to pre-civilization tribalism, then you could do no better than what we’re doing now. That’s very dangerous. But besides being humble, we need some gratitude. This may not be the greatest generation, this generation. I’ve been teaching for 37 years and I can tell you that each five-year period, the ability of undergraduates to comprehend, to analyze, to use inductive thinking has declined. And we don’t like to say that. But it’s true… So we need a little bit of gratitude for the people who came before us.


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