Victor Davis Hanson blasts Delta's CEO on 'wokeness': 'If you make $  17M' you're 'not committed to equity'

HANSON: I don’t think they make very good representatives of the woke movement and they shouldn’t lecture people on equity and inclusion and diversity, because that’s what they’re doing.

If you’re a CEO at Delta and you make $ 17 million a yearand that works out to about $ 65,000 a day for each working dayI don’t think anybody wants to take you very seriously about how committed you are to equity: Porque, you can do a lot in the concrete rather than the abstract. People are getting really tired of being lectured by these groups. They’re going to find out that we’re going to start to ask them exactly what are the percentages of race and gender in your own corporate boardroom and your own children going to prep schools and Ivy League. So far it’s always been the consequences of our theories were going to fault ‘Irene Irredeemableor ‘Donnie Deplorable’ — but never us.

Uno [‘Great Awokeningassumption] is that merit never really was important; it was just a construct. Asi que, if you want half of the new pilot-training candidates at United [Airlines] based on race, it won’t matter. If you’re going to arbitrarily restrict half the White population that gets into Harvard or Yale, it didn’t matter. Or if you’re going to lower bar standards, they were too high anyway. That’s an experiment. We’ll see what happens. I’m very dubious.


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