Víctor Davis Hanson: Left's 'vague' claims that America is inherently racist 'adjudicated' by 'metrics'

A minority that makes up a little more than 12 por ciento, does not elect a president of the United States who’s Black. A racist society would not allow that,” Hanson said. “They would not allow Kamala Harris to be vice president. You wouldn’t have a race in Carolina del Norte where both the Republican and Democratic candidates are Black.

Hanson’s argument comes in response to the Utah chapter of Black Lives Matter’s Fourth of July statement calling those who fly the American flag “racista.”

This is not the generation that came out of the civil rights movement,” él dijo. “Ralph Abernathy, Bayard Rustin, Martin Luther King, that were assimilationists, integrationists, the content of our character. They actually felt and experienced terrible racism, and they came out of impoverished circumstances.

Hanson went on to point out the hypocrisy of many on the left for their cries of racism despite beingprivileged peoplewho werethe epitome of the American dream.

We’re listening to some of the most privileged people in the United States,” él dijo. “Lebron James, Meghan Markle, Oprah Winfrey. And then we have Mr. Kennedy or Cornel WestThey all grew up in upper-middle-class families. They were the epitome of the American dream. They had equal opportunity. They were very successful. It’s a very different phenomenon.

Hanson specifically referenced Michelle Obama’s statements from a May “CBS esta mañana” interview where she stated she was worried about “racismo” y “temeroso” that her daughters would be stereotyped in the U.S., arguing that these calls are anabstraction from the eliteand don’t represent the “preocupaciones” de “actual poor and marginalized peoplefrom inner-cities across the nation.

“[Michelle] Obama, what does she do? She ventures out of her 14 million dollar Martha’s Vineyard estate on vacation from her 12 million dollar Washington, CORRIENTE CONTINUA. estate. And then she tells us that her daughter’s in danger walking out on the street,” Hanson exclaimed.

We were told that if we just had African-American mayors or attorney generals or chief police and that doesn’t seem to help. And so we have existential problems that need to be addressed. And Michelle Obama’s blaming society that’s endangering her daughters when she knows and she wisely knows that she’s not going to move back to her Chicago mansion. That would be very unwise given the state of safety in Chicago. And yet nobody talks about these existential problems. And so this race, raza, raza, it’s an abstraction among the elite. It’s not the concerns of the actual poor and marginalized people in the inner city.

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