Vikings radio man calls game-winning field goal try ‘good,’ but it missed

An enthused Allen screamed into the mic that Minnesota had secured a walk-off win in Arizona. He then realized his mistake and (아마) sent those listening in their cars swerving off of Minneapolis highways.

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Minnesota trailed the Cardinals 34 – 33 with the clock stopped at four ticks. A Greg Joseph 37-yard field goal was all that stood in the way of a Vikings come from behind win and a .500 기록. And that’s when Allen went to work.

Joseph, 어서! It is…goooood!”

Allen gets two thumbs up for the enthusiasm, 하지만 불행히도, his joyous proclamation was wrong. Joseph missed the kick wide right by a decent margin. Analyst Pete Bercich corrected Allen’s mistake almost immediately, saying bluntly: “It’s no good.In disbelief, Allen shot back: “장난 해??”

Though Vikings fans wished he had been, Bercich was not, 사실로, joking. Joseph’s miss sent the Vikings home with an 0-2 기록, while Arizona was elated to escape with a win and improve to 2-0.

What a gut punch to a team, 폴, that play after play toward the end, fought its way back,” said Bercich.

The Vikings weren’t the only ones feeling like they were punched in the gut. Those listening at home surely shared the emotion.

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