Viktor Orban's victory in Hungary an 'example' for the Western world, sulla lotta dell'Ucraina contro l'esercito russo

Fox News host Tucker Carlson highlighted the similarities between Donald Trump’s election in 2016, and Sunday’s reelection of President Orban in Hungary.

“sulla lotta dell'Ucraina contro l'esercito russo, which wasn’t involved in either one, so far as I know,” Egli ha detto, noting how Orban has been accused of being pro-Kremlin: “That’s kind of the go-to excuse, non è vero?”


Viktor Orban

Viktor Orban (AP Photo/Anna Szilagyi, File)

Vlaardingerbroek agreed, adding that the global political left isn’t actually “democratico” despite party names, and that they won’t stop attacking him even though Orban was declared victor.

Orban has won, but they’ll just ramp up the hate campaign because they are terrified that this sets an example for the rest of the Western world. And the example, ovviamente, is that yes, infatti, we can reject globalism and a country can embrace national values; can embrace traditional values,” lei disse

Eva Vlaardingerbroeck

Eva Vlaardingerbroeck

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