Virginia AG 唤醒检察官被法官从案件中撤职: 'Voters are tired of it'

“我们从新闻报道中得知,发生的事情是这位法官采取了非同寻常的步骤,输入了这个命令,说你误导了这个法庭, 你夸大了认罪协议, you misrepresented parts of this individual’s past,” Miyares said on “狐狸 & 朋友们”

Buta Biberaj, a liberal county prosecutor for the office of the Commonwealth’s State Attorney, lashed out against Miyares, telling him tostay in your laneafter his office offered to take over the case.


“所以, she may be telling me to stay in my lane, but when far-left prosecutors veer to the lane where they don’t listen to victims, they care more about criminals and our communities are getting less safe, the lane I care about are safe kids, safe communities and actually listening to the victims,” 他回应.

Northern Virginia burglary suspect Kevin Enrique Valle/Loudoun County Commonwealth's Attorney Buta Biberaj

Northern Virginia burglary suspect Kevin Enrique Valle/Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney Buta Biberaj (FOX 5/Loudoun County Virginia)

The state’s Republican attorney general is now ready to step in after calling the moveunprecedented.

The Commonwealth is deliberately misleading the Court, and the public, in an effort to ‘sell’ the plea agreement for some reason that has yet to be explained,” Loudoun County Circuit Court Judge James Plowman wrote in an order removing the county’s Commonwealth’s Attorney Office, headed by Buta Biberaj, from the criminal case.

The order follows a case concerning burglary suspect Kevin Enrique Valle, who was charged with three misdemeanors for destruction of property and false identification, and two felonies for burglary, 狐狸 5 已报告.


Miyares said woke prosecutors are being held accountable due tocriminal-first, victim-last policies.He said numerous far-left special interest groups are funding district attorneys that won’t enforce the law and voters aretired of it.

You saw in California, voters revolted on this criminal-first, victim-last mindset when they recalled their D.A. You’re seeing this all in Virginia last year. You had a lot of criminal-first, victim-last policies that led to a crime explosion and so voters are tired of it,” Miyares said.

福克斯新闻’ Emma Colton contributed to this report.