Virginia bans testing cosmetics on animals

정부. Ralph Northam signed a bill this month banning the testing of cosmetics on animals in Virginia.

그만큼 Humane Cosmetics Act prevents a cosmetics manufacturer from conducting or contracting for cosmetic animal testing in Virginia starting January 1, 2022.
It also bans the sale of cosmetics tested on animals beginning July 1, 2022.
      그만큼 Humane Society of the United States praised the move and said itillustrates a growing momentum in efforts to end unnecessary testing on animals in the United States and around the world for products like shampoos, mascara and lipstick.
        Virginia is the fourth state to ban the testing of cosmetics on animals, joining California, Nevada and Illinois, the Humane Society said.
          Six other states are considering similar bills, including New Jersey, 메릴랜드, Rhode Island, 하와이, New York and Oregon.

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