Virginia mother, Indian immigrant fights DOJ ‘target’ on backs of parents: These are ‘good people’

Nomani, a Virginia parent and Indian immigrant, shared withFox News Primetimehow she had lived in poverty as an English as a second language student. Nou, immigrant parents in her community have been told tocheck their privilegesjust because their children attend good schools like Nomani’s own son.

That’s when I woke up and realized they were putting a target on the backs of parents,” sy het gese. “And now we have that confirmed with this ridiculous justice department declaration of war on us.


People have to be very clear – stand clear for your values and be unapologetic as a parent,” sy het gese.

Nomani voiced that every American should beoutraged at this overreachby the DOJ, especially immigrants like herself.

I am Muslim,” sy het gese. “I have chased terrorists around the world. I have gone to Guantanamo Bay… And I can tell you that these parents, they have names like Harry and Stacy, they’re good, good people, just like parents all over this country.

The Justice Department has waged a war on the wrong people,” sy het aangegaan. “We are the protectors of children and they must stand with us, not against us.

But the mother said she and other parents refuse to be disheartened whenthe faces of our childrenbring clarity in the fight against governmental injustices.

Nomani prepared to attend a protest outside Luther Jackson Middle School on Thursday night while the Fairfax County School Board held a meeting. She described more than 100 parents standing outside the school in defiance against the threat from the DOJ and FBI.

Parents are going to be defending children and defending education.

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