Virginia woman recounts 'massive brain bleed' from COVID vaccine, as Fauci tells hesitant folks 'Get over it'

芭芭拉·奥兰德罗告诉 “英格拉汉角” 她只被送往两家不同的医院 18 接种第二期疫苗数小时后, 接受了紧急开颅手术, and returned home to very limited use of her left side and reduced vision in both eyes.

在星期三, 然而, NIAID director Dr. 安东尼·福西 appeared on MSNBC and sternly askedwhat is the problemwith vaccine hesitancy:

Get over it. Get over this political statement,” Fauci told host Christopher Hayes.

上 “英格拉汉角” 星期四, 主办 劳拉·英格拉汉姆(Laura Ingraham) said Orandello is having alittle trouble ‘getting over’her vaccine, and welcomed the septuagenarian and her daughter Kerry Quinlan onto her program.

Barbara listened to Fauci and the experts who are guilting Americans into getting a COVID 疫苗. No matter what their precondition, 顺便说说. She received her second dose of Moderna on March 3rd, and what happened to her afterward is equally disturbing,” 英格拉汉说.


Orandello recounted receiving her second dose of vaccine that day, and subsequently waking up March 4th withhorrific pain in [她的] right eyethat sent her off her bed and onto the floor.

Her husband was unable to help her stand up, and she was rushed first to a hospital in Loudoun County, VA, and next to another hospital in neighboring Fairfax County, as doctors sought a way to diagnose and treat her urgent medical crisis.

They took me by helicopter, and they were letting me die, I’m going to tell you, they were letting me die,” 她说, asserting that her condition was very grave. “They said to my son, “There’s nothing we can do,” 和 “She’s comfortable, just let her go,” and my son went ballistic, and he got yelling at them to get a brain doctor … they got the brain surgeon in,” 她说.

My husband who was en route, had to give permission over the telephone to operate, and I had an emergency craniotomy. – Thank GodI had a massive brain bleed,” 她继续.

“[它是] 庞大的. One-third of my brain was filled with blood,” Orandello recounted.

Quinlan, a biologist by trade, told Ingraham that she ispro-sciencelike many, adding that she predicts the inflammation from the vaccine caused an artery to rupture.

Like my mom said, 你懂, a third of her brain was filled with blood and she suffered from a hemorrhagic stroke,” Quinlan said.

此外, Ingraham played a clip of Orandello and her husband last Christmas excitedly cooking and celebrating the holiday – and she asked her if she could do that same kind of work at this point.

“没有,” Orandello replied. “I am completelymy whole left side is gone, from my eyes down to my feet. Totally gone. I have no hand here, I can’t lift my arm, my shoulder, my leg, my foot, my eyes,” 她继续, gesturing to her left.

I lost eyesight in the left lower quadrant of both eyes, even my right eye.

Quinlan said that such reactions as her mother’s may not be emblematic of the majority of cases, but are still grave and adverse nonetheless.

The message here is that these adverse reactions need to be made public. You need to be transparent. So that they can learn from it,” 她说, adding that no relevant government agency or manufacturer has reached out to them in response to such a critical episode.