Visa 및 Plaid 스크랩 $  5.3 10 억 합병 계약

뉴욕 (CNN 사업)Visa와 핀 테크 스타트 업 Plaid는 $ 5.3 법무부의 법적 도전에 직면 한 10 억 합병 합의.

제안 된 거래는 1 년 전에 발표되었습니다., but in November the DOJ sued to block the acquisition on antitrust grounds.
In a statement announcing merger’s end Tuesday, Visa CEO Al Kelly citedprotracted and complex litigationthat would takesubstantial time to fully resolve.
The companies said the DOJ agreed to drop its lawsuit.
Kelly said he was confident Visa would have ultimately won the legal battle for the deal, and that he believes Plaid’s capabilities ascomplementary” 과 “not competitive.
Plaid makes digital infrastructure linking financial data from people’s bank accounts to the apps they use to manage their money such as Venmo, Coinbase 및 Expensify.
This past year saw an unprecedented uptick in demand for the services powered by Plaid, and our priority is to support the hundreds of millions of people who now rely on fintech,” said Zach Perret, CEO and co-founder of Plaid, 성명서.
In its lawsuit, the DOJ alleged that Visa is a “온라인 직불 거래의 독점,” and a new service in development by Plaid could pose legitimate competition to Visa’s business.
Plaid says that although the two companies would have been agreat combination,” it will now work with Visa as an investor and partner tofully focus on building the infrastructure to support fintech.
— CNN 사업’ Clare Duffy contributed to this report.

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