Vivek Ramaswamy warns 'woke capitalism' could give China an advantage over US in Fox News special

Ramaswamy told Pompeo that China isunderstanding the kinks in the armor in the American systemto their advantage. He says one of the kinks in the armor is thewoke movementand its impact onracial identity politics in the United States.

They understand this game far more deeply than any of us do and I think that they are now using wokeism as a geopolitical tool to advance their own agenda,” Ramaswamy said.


Pompeo replied that America knows thekinks in China’s systemas well and Americanscannot continue to let them walk all over us.

They want us to believe that America is in decline because they believe it. I actually think they believe America is in decline. I don’t believe it. Maar, left to its devices, it is a risk.

Pompeo stressed that that’s why President Biden needs to stand up to China to show that America is not in decline. Verder, Pompeo argued that America needs to focus on all avenues to counter China including: kommersieel, diplomatiek, military strategy artificial intelligence and technology.

We have to make sure and harness the American brainpower and American energy to go crush them. We can. I’m convinced of it,” hy het bygevoeg.

Ramaswamy ripped back the curtain on the dirty secrets of corporate America and unveiled what he says is a defining scam of the centurywoke capitalismduringWoke, Inc.” Sondag.

Ramaswamy sat down with Tucker Carlson, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, “jakkals & Vriende” co-host Brian Kilmeade, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Fox News contributor Lara Trump for the one-hour special that dove into the secrets of corporate America.


Ramaswamy’s upcoming book, “Woke, Inc.: Inside Corporate America’s Social Justice Scam,” hits retailers Aug. 17 and the Fox News special of the same name offers an exclusive glimpse into the author’s criticism of the woke takeover of the corporate system. Viewers hear Kilmeade discuss the dangers of critical race theory, McCarthy explain why the world has goneback to the dark agesand Ramaswamy and Pompeo detail how China takes advantage of thewoke movement” in Amerika.

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