'Walker' gets a new look with Jared Padalecki as the Texas Ranger

Occasionally a reboot comes along that’s so different from the original you wonder why they bothered. “Camminatore” è uno di quelli, lasciando cadere il file “Texas Ranger” parte del titolo della serie CBS che ha firmato 20 anni fa, and trading in Chuck Norris for Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki, in what feels more like a family drama than a butt-kicking crime show.

Part of that revised profile has to do with airing the series — descritto come a “reimagining,” but really just a means of leveraging the nameon the CW, a younger-skewing network than CBS. Infatti, that’s especially true compared to the ’90s when “Camminatore” patrolled Saturday nights along with Dr. Quinn, Donna di medicina” e “Touched by an Angel,” shows that disproportionately appealed to more rural communities seeking the TV equivalent of comfort food.
Far from a taciturn loner, Cordell Walker comes home to Texas after an extended assignment out of town following the death of his wife. He comes back to a big, rambunctious family, including a pair of children (Violet Brinson, Kale Culley) harboring more just than the usual TV-teen resentments and rebellion, since dad shuffled them off to stay with their grandparents (Molly Hagan andThe X-Files'Mitch Pileggi) while he was away.
As for work, Walker is a bit of a dinosaur, told in no-uncertain terms that the old ways of police work havegot to evolve,” which might be a not-so-subtle cue to viewers that the previous show’skick first, ask questions latermentality was no longer going to fly.
I’m learning,” lui dice, in a way that sounds unexpectedly sincere.
Other than the cowboy hats and drawls, there’s not much to indicate the setting initially. Walker does get a new female partner in Micki Ramirez (Lindsey Morgan), chi — through a rather hastily incorporated run-in with a criminalpretty quickly earns his respect.
CBS has enjoyed a fair amount of success with revivals likeHawaii Five-O,” “Magnum P.I.and MacGyver,” and name recognition is an asset just in terms of getting attention. Truth be told, if this show was titled “Mugnaio,” odds are you wouldn’t be reading word one about it here.
The secret sauce here might be Padalecki and his easy-going charm, which after a 15-year run onSupernaturalhave almost become part of the CW’s DNA. One suspects many of his fans will simply be happy to see him back in action, but even for them, “Camminatore” represents a relatively low-key way to get your kicks.
“Camminatore” premieres Jan. 21 a 8 p.m. on the CW, which is half-owned by CNN parent WarnerMedia.

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