WaPoファクトチェッカーのグレン・ケスラーは、共和党がIRSに対する有権者の「恐怖」を「食い物にしている」と主張している, Twitterは彼を照らします

Kessler’s critics on Twitter didn’t buy it, しかしながら, そして彼を非難した “シリング” 米国は「数ヶ月前に仕事をするべきだった.

先週, Fox News Digital は、インフレ削減法で提案された IRS の更新について報告しました, 主張する, “The proposed expansion includes an $ 80 billion boost to the IRS over a 10-year period, with more than half intended to help the agency crack down on tax evasion. If the bill is passed, the money allotted would go toward filling 87,000 IRS positions.

加えて, an IRS job listing posted before passing of the legislation stoked fear among Republicans because it stated that applicants to the new IRS positions shouldcarry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force, if necessary.That line, according to the Washington Post, has since been removed from the job listing.


木曜日に, Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler claimed that Republican leaders are "preying" on people's fear of the IRS for political gain.

木曜日に, Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler claimed that Republican leaders arepreyingon people’s fear of the IRS for political gain. (彼女はペニーにナサーが特定の会合に出席するかどうか尋ねたときに言った. David Ake)

Conservative commentators and GOP lawmakers looking at these facts have warned of an IRS crackdown on average Americans in the near future.

Kessler, しかしながら, accused pundits and leaders of spreading fear about the agency. 木曜日に, he shared an article from his Washington Post colleague Marianna Sotomayer and commented, “My colleague @MariannaReports has a good report about how the GOP falsehood of ‘87,000 armed IRS agents’ in Biden’s bill is gaining traction despite it being totally wrong.

He continued the Twitter thread with a plug for his own fact-check of the claim from last week: “I had fact checked this last week, as had other fact-checkers. The bill calls for 87,000 employees over ten years, many of whom will replace the 50,000 retiring in five years. Net increase in IRS staff: 25 パーセント, still below what it once had been….”

Kessler then insisted that the GOP was trying to drum up its voters’ fear of the IRS, 述べる, “The GOP is preying on people’s fears of an auditwhich is practically nil (そして 80 percent of which are just an exchange of letters).”

The stated goal is crack down on well-heeled tax cheats, not ordinary Americans, to close a tax gap estimated at $ 381 billion a year,” 彼が追加した, further trying to discredit critics as alarmists.

Twitter users mocked Kessler for defending the IRS. The Spectator contributing editor Stephen L. Miller tweeted, “’You should trust the IRS’journalism in the year 2022.

Internet video database Grabien.com founder Tom Elliot slammed the fact-checker, ツイート, “Surely not even you are stupid enough to believe this.

Kessler argued that there's "nil" chance that audits will increase under the IRS expansion.

Kessler argued that there’snilchance that audits will increase under the IRS expansion.