War veterans fundraising for private refugee charter flights: Biden 'has a moral obligation to help'

Tyler Merritt and James Miervaldis told폭스 뉴스 프라임 타임on Friday that they were in contact with Afghans 와 “visas in handwho had gone through the process of contacting the 국무부 and beingscreened and clearedto emigrate to the United States – but never heard back from embassy staff as to what federal evacuation flight to take and when and where to go.

We started flying people out commercially the week before the collapse,” Miervaldis told host 제시와 터스. “우리는 얻었다 5 families out and had 50 others ready to fly out last week but the planes got canceled. We are ready to scale up to 500 families.

The pair said they are unsure of what happens on September 1, after the Biden-imposed and Taliban-accepted deadline for U.S. withdrawal passes – noting that the 중국말러시아인 governments will be the only ones with influence over the new Taliban leadership.

This is crazy,” Miervaldis said of potentially relying on America’s rivals – and the Taliban – to keep Hamid Karzai International Airport open for evacuation flights.

I still have a lot of friends over there in harm’s way: A lot from my previous unit,” Merritt added.

We have been there for the last 2 decades. My unit… has been there since Day One. I had the ability to work with them to close down Iraq in 2011 and to watch… this situation continue to deteriorate and continue talk to our friends through Signal and other applications to see if they are OK and see if the interpreters are still okay. It’s atrocious; as we watch our commander-in-chief continue to rely on the Taliban for safe passage, to continue to provide that information of who our citizens left behind.

Merritt predicted the U.S. or private organizations like theirs – No One Left Behind – will have to return to Afghanistan under Taliban rule because there is no way all Americans will be out by the arbitrary but hard date of August 31.

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Miervaldis asked viewers to do abuddy checkon any War on Terror veterans who they may not have heard from since Biden’s crisis began.

“있습니다 800,000 Operation Enduring Freedom U.S. 베테랑. If you know anybody who served in Afghanistan. Do a quick buddy check. A lot of people are hurting. We are very, very concerned about their mental health,” 그는 말했다.

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