Washington Post: Geheime diensbeampte word ondersoek nadat hy wetgewers van verraad op sosiale media beskuldig het

'N Amerikaanse geheime diensbeampte word ondersoek nadat hy wetgewers van verraad beskuldig het en samesweringsteorieë oor die verkiesing op sosiale media gedeel het., according to The Washington Post who obtained images of the comments.

News of the investigation comes as law enforcement agencies broaden their investigations into what role their own officers played in the deadly insurrection at the US Capitol as they look through social media posts.
In one image, the newspaper reported Monday night, the secret service officer posted a meme on Facebook titledHere’s to the Peaceful Transition of Powerwith President Donald Trump shaking hands with himself in the Oval Office. A day after the siege on the US Capitol, a comment was posted using the officer’s name that criticized attempts to remove Trump from office and accused lawmakers who accepted the electoral college vote ofcommitting treason on live tv.
Good morning patriots! Yesterday started out beautiful and as usual Antifa soured the mood and attacked police and an Air Force veteran was murdered….It’s OFFENSE time finally!!,” the comment read, according to the newspaper.
The USSS declined to comment about the matter to CNN, but when asked about the investigation a spokesperson for the Secret Service said the agencycarries out its law enforcement mission in an objective and apolitical manner.
Any allegation that an employee is not carrying out their duties in that manner will be investigated. As this is a personnel matter, the agency will not be further commenting,” the spokesperson said.
Two US Capitol Police officers have been suspended en ten minste 10 more are under investigation for their behavior during last week’s assault on the Capitol. A spokesperson for Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan, 'n demokraat, told CNN that at least 10 Capitol Police officers are being investigated for their roles in the riot. A House aide separately said there are as many as 17 officers under investigation as part of eight investigations into the insurrection at the Capitol.
At least seven officers in five other departments across the country have come under internal investigation as their presence in Washington during the assault comes to light through social media or other means.

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