Washington’s Chase Young asked Tom Brady for one more thing after playoff game

Washington's Chase Young asked Tom Brady for one more thing after playoff game

Chase Young made headlines before Washington’s wild-card game against the 坦帕湾海盗 when he called out for 汤姆·布雷迪 but once he was face to face with the veteran, he had another request.

After falling 31-23 to the Bucs, Young approached Brady on the field calling him thereal GOAT,” or greatest of all time, before asking for a jersey swap.


Way to play, 兄弟,” Brady said.

I appreciate you,” Young replied. “You the real GOAT I need something from you, 虽然.

He pointed to his jersey and said, “I need this off of you.


Brady said he would get it to him, signaling no hard feelings between the two.

Young earned his first division title with a 20-14 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 17. As he walked off the field, Young was heard shouting: “汤姆·布雷迪! 汤姆·布雷迪, I’m coming. I want Tom!”

He told reporters days later that he wouldn’t apologize for what he said but credited his excitement to playing against a future Hall of Famer.


You think I won’t be excited to play against the G.O.A.T? You trippin’,” Young said. “I’m not going to apologize for saying I want Tom.

One of the most anticipated playoff games will take place Sunday when Brady and the Bucs take 德鲁·布雷斯新奥尔良圣徒, marking just the second time since at least 1950 that the NFL’s top two players in career yards passing will meet in the playoffs.