Watters: Biden might care if illegal immigrants were amassing in Delaware instead of Del Rio

With the crisisepicenter thousands of miles away from the First State, 主办 杰西·沃特斯 claimed the president would be acting more urgently if it were his home city of Wilmington being flooded with unvetted and unvaccinated foreign nationals.

乔·拜登 was supposed to get a hold on this stuff and it’s exploded under his watch. Imagine we did this to Delaware. 正确的?” 他说, remarking that Biden would act more decisively if thousands of migrants flocked to popular beach towns like Dewey Beach, Bethany Beach, Lewes or Fenwick Island.

Imagine we shipped thousands and thousands of migrants into Delaware and they’re fishing on the bay or they’re riding Amtrak, packed in unvaxxed, with little English and no skills,” 他说, alluding to Biden’s lifelong advocacy and patronizing of the rail service.

Where are they going to live? In tents? Are they going to live on the beach? Are we going to put them in starter homes? You’ll have to double every classroom size of every public school district. You’re going to have to raise taxes to pay for the social services,” 他说.

特拉华州 is one of a few states that notably has no sales tax, among other economic incentives.


Watters posited that a migrant crisis in places like New Castle, Newark or Dover could cause a decline in public services and a cut in wages for the local workers:

They’re going to need health care, housing, 福利. This is what they’re doing. They’re going to steal jobs, lower wages and in a generation they’re going to have political power because their families will be able to vote,” Watters said of the migrants.

That will change the entire direction of Delaware. Do Delawareans want that? Why is Joe doing that to Texas?”


He went on to note the bipartisan calls in 德州 for some substantive assistance from Biden’s administration.

“[他们] are saying slow it down, 乔 [和] he sits in his beach house obsessed over masks to slap on 2nd Graders,” 他说.